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Roshni 8th October 2015 Written Update

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni watch online

Rohan talking to Shaheen. The doctor checks Shaheen. Rohan says all thanks to Dr Roshni, I want to thank her, can I meet her. The doctor asks him to meet Roshni when she comes tomorrow on duty. He gets Roshni’s call and says patient got conscious. Roshni asks him to keep followup. Rohan talks to Roshni and thanks her, saying she has saved Shaheen. Roshni says Lord has to make someone a mode, your love is true, take rest. Rohan thanks her and cries. Sameer smiles recalling Roshni.

Roshni calls Sameer and tells that Shaheen got conscious and is fine. She asks about his dad. He says he is fine and praises you, you are on every news channel. She says I felt you are irritating person and good doctor. He laughs. They have a talk. Its morning, Vasundara comes to know Kishore has left. Vasundara and Rajat go to Leela hospital to abort Mona’s child. Rajat looks at Vasundara and is sad. She recalls Mona’s words. Mahesh waits outside with Roshni and Rajat. Vasundara goes to Mona and recalls Kishore’s words.

She comes out and cries. Roshni and Rajat console her and ask what happened, is she fine. Vasundara says I could not abort the baby, I m sorry, I m selfish mum. Rajat says no, if mum gets selfish, world would get over, I love you mum. He hugs her. Vasundara says I will become Dadi and laughs. Rajat comes to Mona and they are happy. Mona tells him that her dad will kick him. He says he took her dad’s permission. She asks him to take his permission. He says he has come to meet her and baby.

She gets upset. He asks what happened, he did not crack bad joke, its all fine now. She says don’t know, I feel strange, I feel your mom accepted me for this baby and you, I m unwanted. He says its tough for my mum, I know you will make place in her heart. He makes her smile.

Sameer cooks for his dad and makes him have the food. His dad says he invited someone. Roshni comes and greets Sameer. She wishes him happy birthday. Sameer thanks her and says but I.. She says I know you don’t celebrate, that’s why I m here, birthday means new life and new beginning. She gets a cake for him. His dad plays violin and Sameer cuts the cake. They celebrate.

Rajat relates to Vasundara and says Roshni went in her Buddy’s birthday. He asks her to join Leela. Vasundara asks whats the need. He asks her to affix as board member, its imp Assembly tomorrow. She claims no, don’t drag me in conferences, I will be a part of following your marriage. He states it can get late. She suggests I need to fulfill Mona and speak to her. He states sure, I will move on your own message. Sameer tells Roshni about his mum leaving him after which he under no circumstances celebrated his birthday. She states you still have your dad, to eliminate lousy Reminiscences, You need to make good memories. Sameer smiles.

Its early morning, Mahesh calls Anand and states Mona’s partner desires divorce before long and is prepared for from courtroom settlement. Anand gets happy. Mona concerns Leela hospital and Malhotra reminds her about Pinto. She states I forgot. He asks shall I get in touch with him for Conference currently. She states great, I’ll meet up with following lunch. Malhotra smiles.

Rajat brings Roshni to her new cabin and surprises her. She says I adore it and thanks him. He says you have earned this. She remembers talking to Raghunandan. She states I come to feel I m transferring in advance. He suggests Indeed, this is just starting. She suggests we must go in advance.

Sameer argues with Mona in board Assembly and says he made a decision Roshni will guide new doctors. Mona tells Rajat that Roshni’s decision can impact the hospital. Mona phone calls it more than enough.

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