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Roshni 5th November 2015 Written Update

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni watch online

Roshni talking to Nick and Doodle about the matter. Nick asks why did she not tell them, why did she hide. Roshni says I did not wish to hide, It was shocking for me, I thought you will.. Nick says you felt we will judge Leela hospital, we are friends. Doodle says you made us feel much bad. She apologizes. They come to hospital. Nick asks did she check CCTV footage. She says yes and opens laptop to show them. She says all footage is deleted by someone.

Roshni comes to Rajat and says someone deleted footage from her system, she told her that someone is intruder here. Mona asks her to sit. She says I think we should send more details with Roshni. She asks Rajat to show video. Rajat shows the video of Anand. Rajat says it was necessary to delete Pintu’s footage for this video. Roshni says you mean Pintu was blackmailing you by this video, even then we kept such enemies here.

Roshni reacts angrily and argues with Mona and Rajat. She leaves. Roshni discusses this with Nick and Doodle and says Mona is not running hospital well, she is taking desperate measures. Parvati gets coffee for all of them. She says sorry, I m late and tells about some case. She suggests that they have maintain patient datacase. She says we can catch patient’s illness by biomedical info. Roshni gets some idea and asks Nick to come with her. They leave.

Roshni and Nick come to meet Anuradha. Roshni introduces herself and Nick. Anuradha says she knows everything, its fine to skip the details, come to point. Roshni talks about legal notice. Anuradha says this is fact, not any point. Roshni says you know Kishore and our medical family, it matters. She says Leela hospitals run on Kishore’s values, we made it to provide best medical facility. Anuradha asks how are you doing this, by selling patients organs. Roshni says this is unfair to be judgmental, she could have spoke to them before giving news to media and sending legal notice, I just want you to know we are against any malpractice, we are not on different sides, if our hospital has some racket running, we are also interested to end it.

Anuradha asks do you want me to drop this case. Roshni says no, we are supporting you, we want to help you in winning this case. Anuradha says I got this proposal for the first time. Roshni says lets work together. Nick tells Doodle that Roshni convinced the lawyer. Doodle asks how will we manage, the case will be in court soon. Nick says yes, we can’t see the matter like this and tells his idea to Doodle.

Its morning, Nick goes to speak to Malhotra and gets pleasant. Nick asks him to get some income building shoppers to him, he can make some also. Malhotra will get stunned. Nick attempts to convince him. Malhotra claims you will be Roshni’s Buddy. Nick states Sure, that’s why we have fights, we are Medical practitioners and its our correct. Malhotra laughs. Nick suggests I would like some surgical procedures. Malhotra states fine, I’ll show you if any major scenario comes, don’t inform this to Roshni. Malhotra claims he isn’t giving any Mistaken case, whats there to hide. Nick asks him to think of long term collaboration and leaves.

Rajat is irked by media news. Roshni tells him that she fulfilled Anuradha, she has heard me, and is particularly persuaded. We are enthusiastic about getting culprit, she is familiar with Kishore so effectively. Mona asks what we really have to do now. Roshni states We’ve got to provide her names of Physicians we doubt, and Allow law enforcement discover about them. Mona claims this will be Completely wrong, We are going to drop title. Roshni suggests we currently dropped goodwill, now This is actually the only way to save our respect, we really need to say Leela clinic isn’t corrupt, We’ve kicked out the corrupt aspects, allows look forward to Anuradha’s response. She asks about Dr. Kamal, she did not hear good matters about him, watch out. Mona claims he promised to get clients for us. Roshni states that’s what I m petrified of.

Pintu asks Malhotra for just a kidney. Malhotra says Nikhil will make this happen situation and talks to Nick, He tells Sharad that we’ll have Nikhil in our arms.

Written Update By Amena


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