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Roshni 30th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansal signing on the papers. Roshni thanks him and leaves from there. Ansal angrily throws the table and vows to ruin Leela hospital and Singh family. Roshni gives the papers to Rajat. He gets glad and says you did a big work, I can’t believe this, we have Leela nursing home, please pinch me, and make me believe its not a dream. He says you gave me an inspiration and hugs her thankfully. She says she got the deal cancelled, this is better for Leela, she did not ask him and cancelled partnership.

She gives the file and says I hope that’s okay. He says I was helpless, you got me rid of this burden, thanks for rectifying this mistake. She asks for a party at home, and it will happen when he comes back home. She says now mum won’t be angry, as you got nursing home back. He says this is the difference between us, I see dreams and you fulfill it. Sameer smiles seeing Roshni happy. Mona comes to Rajat. Rajat happily hugs her and says all the problems got solved.

She asks what happened. He asks her to see files. He says Leela nursing home and hospital are ours, Ansal won’t come here, Roshni did this alone, she did the work which we both could not do, I realized why my family loves her, she deserves it. She asks how did she do this. He says I don’t know, she made my mistake rectified, she have me new reason to move ahead, now I can go to my mum and meet her eyes, I m really proud of her. Mona asks how will we get funds now. Rajat says we cancelled partnership with Ansal, we will make a new start and get the right investor, see Roshni will work here in imp position, we will make this hospital one of the top hospitals.

Vasundara tells Anand that Roshni is not worried for her exams. He says she will clear exams. Mona’s dad comes to meet them. Vasundara says Mahesh has come here, we don’t have to talk about Rajat and Mona. He says Mahesh Talwar is our family friend, please come. Anand goes and meets Mahesh. Vasundara says its Rajat and Mona’s equal mistake, why did she let Rajat stay with her, when she is not divorced. Mahesh argues with her.

Vasundara says no use to talk to us, Mona decides everything for Rajat, so better talk to her. Mahesh says I spoke to them, Rajat will not stay in my home. Vasundara says we are not interested in this relation, they can decide. Sameer and Roshni have a talk. He asks is she preparing for the exam. She says its just few hours left now, I was here to thank you. He says he has to talk to her and asks her to sit. He says he has postponed board meeting, as he wants her to be present there, he is going to discuss his vision for Leela and she is needed. She says alright, I will take your leave now. He wishes her all the best. She leaves.

Roshni sees Mona crying and leaving, and miracles what transpired to her. Roshni thinks it’s possible Mona fought with Rajat. Mona leaves in her motor vehicle. Roshni asks Rajat about Mona, why was she crying. Rajat says Mona is Expecting, Roshni states what, I m sorry, do you realized what has happened, her divorce is pending. Rajat suggests this little one was not planned, it just happened.

She claims you might have been very little far more mindful. He suggests I am aware we did a blunder. She asks whats the answer now. He suggests don’t know, I fought with Mona. She claims just continue to keep on your own in her position, she has many troubles in her daily life. He says that you are right, I instructed her lots in anger, she desires my guidance. She claims I think you’ll want to go and check with her, take her for dinner, make her sense protected, and reminds of Mona’s suicide. He says what is going to I response her.

She says there is one solution, marriage. Rajat says mum does not like her. She says I will convince her. She says go fast and talk to her. He thanks her for making him feel relieved. Malhotra and Sharad talk about Roshni. Malhotra says its good Ansal is out, its our game now. He laughs. Sharad says Ansal is not so weak, he will attack again. I know him very well. Malhotra says Ansal will need us again, so its fine.

Roshni calls Kishore and asks him to come Bhopal. Malhotra argues with Sameer. Sameer says he will fire him. Roshni brings Rajat home and family gets glad.

Written By: Amena


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