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Roshni 14th October 2015 Written Update

Kishore talking to Rajat. He tells about Mahesh and tells the marriage date. Rajat and Mona get glad. Kishore says I m preparing to come. Rajat says that’s great, I have a good news, Roshni is doing cyst case and she has chosen Anand for this surgery. Kishore says wow, how did this happen. Rajat asks him to come Bhopal. Rajat holds Mona’s hand and hugs her. He says I can’t imagine, we are getting married. Anand and Roshni come out of surgery. Rajat says congrats and welcome to Leela hospital dad.

Rajat tells them about the marriage date and invites them. They all become glad. Roshni and her family celebrates at home and dance on mehendi laga ke rakhna………… The elders smile. Badri makes the elders dance too. Roshni and Kishore dance happily. Mona and her dad Mahesh come home and smile seeing the family celebrating. Mona dances with Roshni and Vasundara on the song Sasural genda phool.

Nick comes home and surprises Roshni. He says Rajat invited him and she welcomes him and Doodle. She hugs him happily and Nick greets everyone. Nick dances with them. Roshni tells Nick and Doodle that It looks a dream to see them in her room. Doodle says I will talk to aunty about food menu and goes. He signs Nick. Nick compliments Roshni and asks were she shocked or surprised seeing him. She says pleasantly surprised. He says I missed you a lot.

She says even I missed you. He says you got busy in India. She says things got fine now. The family was broken. He says I understand, I used to feel bad that you are dealing all this alone, She says I m happy talking to you, did you think I kept myself at last priority, I missed you a lot. He holds her hand and says you are very nice, your family is very lucky and I m luckiest because I could never stop loving you. Doodle comes back and tells the menu. They smile.

Rajat talks to Mona and he asks her about her suicide attempt. She says I left a love and another love left me, I could not bear that shock. He asks her not to think this, mom felt you are mentally unstable. She says I don’t have any complains with anyone, I like Kishore the most here, as I did not had any grandparent. Rajat says Kishore will be get hearing this. Moana says lets meet him. They go to Kishore and talk to him.

Kishore tells them a couple of joyful married life and offers them ideas. He asks Rajat to surrender to spouse to possess a satisfied life. Mona laughs. Mona and Rajat argue and Kishore jokes on them to argue just after marriage. Mona hugs him. They smile.

Malhotra meets Pintu. Pintu tells about kidney will need and occasion would provide them with 1 crore. Malhotra confirms with regard to the kidney offering and offers saying the checks are very clear. Pintu asks donor is aware over it or not. Malhotra states no, whats the need to inform about organ taking. They laugh and shake arms.

Sharad tells Malhotra that they is likely to make their perform done by somebody else. He calls Anand for the operation as Roshni is fast paced. Anand does the Procedure and Sharad ideas in opposition to him.

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