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Reporters 5th October 2015 Written Update

Kabeer waits for Ananya’s doc to come and check Ananya. RG’s goon comes in front of doc’s car and acts as getting injured. Doc gets out to help him. Another goon replaces injecion with poison and signals goon to leave now. Goon says do he is fine now and leaves. Doc gets back into car and leaves towards Ananya’s house. Kabeer tells Ananya’s mom that Ananya is saving energy to fight against RG and will get up soon and like her brave father will fight against injustice. Doc enters and after checking Ananya says this night is critical for her and if she does not wake up, it will be difficulty for her further. Mom goes to home temple and prays god to save her daughter. Doc fills syringe with poisonous injection and is about to inject Ananya when she wakes up calling Ronnie’s name. Kabeer hugs her and calms her down. She says Ronnie died because of her. He says she is not responsible and someone else is. Shreya tells RG that Ananya should die.

Khalid takes Ronnie’s technical seat and relays Kabeer’s news. Kabeer starts his news and briefs about Ronnie’s death and RG’s involvement in Ananya’s accident and Sudhir Kashyap and Ronnie’s murder. RG panics seeing news. Shreya calls him and says it does not look Ananya is even ill and he was bragging to kill her. Kabeer continues and relays inspector Khurana’s interview where he says Sudhir kashyap’s murder and Ananya’s accident are related as she was investigating Sudhir’s murder when the culprit tried to kill her and Ronnie got killed trying to save her. Kabeer asks if Sudhir’s case can be reopened. Khurana says it can. Kabeer continues and ends his news. RG panics.

After looking through news, Kabeer goes back again to Ananya and asks how is she. She claims good. Mom provides soup and he feeds her. Richa and Sunny reach there and smile looking at them collectively.

RG’s goon tells him that system unsuccessful. RG suggests he failed rather and asks if he knows the implications of it.

Kabeer tells Ananya that some people live with us endlessly as well as their existence is often felt, he thinks in KKN only Ronnie applied to be aware of them and is reason behind their togetherness. She cries. He wipes her tears and claims it is time to settle rating and battle for Ronnie and her pappa. He hugs her and she reciprocates.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Darkness will final until a single receives afraid of it and await it to go and when a person attempts to confront it, darkness vanishes.

Precap: No precap.

Written Update By Sahir


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