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Reporters 30th September 2015 Written Update

Kabeer and Ananya rush injured Ronnie to hospital. Truck driver informs RG that he could not kill Ananya as a boy/Ronnie pushed her and came under truck instead. Kabeer informs Richa about Ronnie’s accident. She informs her friends and they all rush to hospital. RG informs Shreya and she panics thinking Ananya should be killed and breaks things. Manav enters and asks if she is fine. She says her medicine is missing. He gives her medicine and she says she sometimes gets attack. She then starts crying that Ronnie met with an accident and should go to hospital right now. Manav says let us go.

At hospital, doc informs Kabeer that Ronnie got internal injuries and is shifted to ICU now. Khalid with Richa, Sunny, and Baby reaches there. Manav and Shreya enter next. Kabeer fumes seeing her and says he hopes she is not involved in it. She says no. He says truck was trying to kill Ananya, but Ronnie saved her and got under truck instead. Shreya gets RG’s call and leaves. Manav silently follows her. Shreya scolds RG that he is waste and could not kill Ananya at all, she would have done it herself. Manav hears all her conversation and realizes that she is behind all this.

Ronnie asks Ananya and Kabeer to reunite and holds their hands. Ananya with everyone cries and asks him to get well soon. He says he will not and falls unconscious. Everyone start crying, but Shreya stand silently. Kabeer says her that Ronnie gave him one more reason to fight and he will not let his sacrifice go waste. Shreya leaves silently. Doc checks Ronnie’s pulse and says he is dead. Richa starts crying vigorously and walks out of room. She sees Ronnie’s mom enquiring about him in reception and cries more. Khalid asks if she is fine. She says Ronnie’s mom ahs come, but she does not have courage to inform him. Khalid says he will inform Ananya and Kabeer to console Ronnie’s mom and runs in.

Khalid informs Ananya and Kabeer that Ronnie’s mom has come and they should meet her outside. Kabeer says she may not handle this shock. Ananya says she does not have courage to inform mom as Ronnie was her only son.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: Many people leave this world, but whoever leave an impact most are remembered most.

Precap: No precap today.

Written By: MA


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