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Reporters 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Ananya goes to fulfill Kabeer in his clinic place and won’t locate him. Peon informs that he received discharged and still left for Singapore. She goes to Khalid’s cabin and asks why did Kabeer head over to singapore. He states KL termed him and states Manav is going to be inter editor in chief in Kabeer’s absence. Ananya then informs Ronnie and Trisha/Richa. Ronnie asks if KL identified as kabeer or he went to satisfy him. Ananya states Kabeer is ill, why would he want to satisfy KL, it needs to be other facet. Trisha states even she feels very same.

Manav fulfills Mavlika and tells that Kabeer is attempting to make use of them all. Malvika asks him to stop his sport. Manav claims everyone knows she is trying to lure Kabeer. She claims if she wishes to, Kabeer could be roaming around her. He asks her to play a match for him.

Manav contact team meeting and briefs about tonight’s news. He asks Richa to get above Kabeer’s 9 p.m. slot. He tells about businessman Sial’s unlawful kid Tale and asks Richa to cover it in place of Ananya. Malvika also backs him and asks richa to satisfy her in cabin. She asks Ronnie to point out former interviews to Richa.

Ananya comes from convention home fuming and tells Richa that Manav and Malvika are doing injustice to her. she states Kabeer himself extended his friendship. Malvika will come there and asks Richa to go and canopy her Tale and asks Ananya if she does not have do the job, she’s going to give her as she are unable to give her salary without spending a dime. She tells her that manager is always boss instead of Pal.

Manav calls Rohan to his cabin and tells him that Kabeer wants to rule around all of these and they need to stop it. He tells if all of them get Kabeer out, they could get their pending promotions and wage hikes.

Richa commences news instead of Kabeer and interviews businessman Sial’s spouse. She asks if Mandira is telling fact. Mrs. Sial claims Mandira is tring to realize publicity and money together with her partner’s identify. Her partner helped her NGO but hardly ever married her. Trisha watches news with Ananya and tells Sial’s wife is so dumb that she thinks her partner is innocent. She reminds her about Kabeer’s affair with Tarini. Ananya says she is true. Trisha then tells about Manav’s conspiracy to kick Kabeer outside of KKN. She leaves declaring she must include a Tale. Ronnie comes there and will take Ananya out for tea and snacks.

Ronnie although enjoying tea with Ananya with a roadside stall discusses about Kabeer. She asks him to discuss something else than Kabeer. He says I love you. She states even she enjoys him as an acquaintance. He claims she’s not knowing, kneels down and tells proposes. She’s stunned to hear that.

Precap: Richa tells Ananya that Malvika is jealous on her as she is closer to Kabeer than her. Malvika tells Ananya that Kabeer used many reporters like her and threw like a tissue paper.

Written Update By Prince


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