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Reporters 21st September 2015 Written Update

Shreya introduces Kabeer’s news display’s sponsor to complete KKN employees. Ronnie and his group are shocked and Kabeer fumes. Shreya asks him to fall their sponsor till door and sponsor claims he ought to as his business’s status is in his arms now. Kabeer hesitantly agrees.

Ananya enters Shreya’s cabin and requests her to lend her couple month’s income like a financial loan instead of asks why she requires it. Shreya asks just how much dollars she requirements. Ananya states 1.5 lakhs. Shreya signals cheque and says she is supplying it from her own account and she will be able to withdraw it in 30 min. Khalid enters and says Shreya she forgot to indicator on 2 papers. Shreya signals. Ananya thanks her and leaves. Khalid informs Kabeer.

Ananya speaks over phone and informs Tinu that she obtained one.5 lakhs and can fulfill him soon. Kabeer stops her and tries to explain. She says she isn’t going to wish to hear as in lieu of aiding her discover her papa’s truth, He’s halting her. She asks him to prevent alleging Ronnie that he despatched her e-mail. Shreya, Ronnie, and whole staff listen to her shouting. Ananya addresses complete staff members that she canceled he engagement with Kabeer.

Manav enters Shreya’s cabin with coffee and states it really is the perfect time to rejoice as her system worked. She sips espresso and claims it’s very sweet. He says celebration needs to be with sweets. She states she feels sweetness in bitterness and it can be new flavor of achievements. He says he will deliver her new coffee. She suggests it really is alright.

Khalid enters Kabeer’s cabin and asks if what he heard is real. Kabeer states he arrived to find out who murdered Sudhir kashap and it really is RJ, their new sponsor. Khalid suggests Meaning Shreya is playing sport and is attempting to ruin his daily life. She will definitely damage Ananya to hurt him. Kabeer states he knows, so he is concerned for Ananya. He says he thought of KKN’s financial gain and associated Shreya, but he can see how his existence is ruined now. Khalid asks him not to produce him experience a lot more responsible and says he will make clear Ananya. Kabeer claims not to try this, He’ll convey out the bitter real truth himself. Khalid suggests he will help him in regardless of what methods he can suggests it really is the perfect time to present his nails to Shreya.

Ananya fulfills Tinu who tells he has set every thing. She suggests she will meet up with him tonight at pharma circle. He nods Of course and attempts to leave. She says she’ll accompany him as she does not need to go residence as Ronnie, kabeer or Richa may well occur there. Tinu asks her to rest, nothing at all will happen. She hopes so plus they the two go away.

Ronnie tells Richa and Sunny that he and Kabeer performed drama to bring out Shreya and Manav’s correct faces, but Ananya does not desire to pay attention to them. Richa states Ananya is performing Strange. Sunny says Ananya is in deep shock and agony. Richa claims what can we do now. Sunny claims He’ll conduct sting Procedure on Shreya and lure her to teach her a lesson. Richa asks him not to get emotional. Sunny says Shreya is actually a nagin.

Khalid hears Shreya speaking to a person above phone and asks if she goes out. Shreya states an old friend. Khalid taunts her and claims best of luck, he is aware of her emotions are rekindling once more. Shreya claims he is thinking Improper. He claims He’s imagining ring and leaves declaring her Better of luck all over again.

Kabeer’s ethical gyaan: Where ever and nonetheless we’re are as a result of our deed and never our fate.

Precap: No precap these days.

Written Update By Sahir


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