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Reporters 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ananya tells Anurag that among all engagement gifts, his greeting card was ideal, so she introduced him chocs as return gift. She then says she praised him a whole lot in front of her mom and brother and now they wish to satisfy him, so she has made the decision she’s going to acquire him property through his next vacations For several times. Anurag says he will question mom to organize new dishes day by day and may master cooking. Ananya says that is a great selection. Taruni can take her apart and claims she’s content that she’s marrying kabeer. Ananya claims she’s just like Ronnie who is usually with him when she demands him, she always guides Kabeer, she hopes to be her pals. Taruni claims why not.

Malvika offers her resignation letter to Khalid and claims she is going back again to her papa. He asks why is she taking spontaneous conclusion. She states she is quite apparent now in her life and is aware her priorities now. If she wanted to be in prime place, she would have eradicated him from his occupation by inquiring her father. He asks if she knowledgeable Kabeer. she says not nonetheless. Kabeer enters and suggests if her selection is right, he is not going to cease her. Malvika suggests her selection is correct and in advance of likely, she desires to apologize Ananya. He suggests she is very clever and focused and should Feel positive. Malvika suggests Sure. He needs her all the very best.

Sunny enters KKN Business and appears at Child with eager eyes. She would not shell out him consideration, but when he leaves Regrettably, she thinks he ought to transform back. Sunny turns again and walks in the direction of her. She suggests she also loves him. Ananya, Ronnie, and Richa hear that and taunt Sunny. Ronnie then tells There’s a board Conference now and they all stroll in the direction of board space.

In board room, Richa discusses a few new concept and kabeer likes it. Ananya suggests she’s going to provide exploration material. Kabeer says it Appears superior and asks Manav’s feeling. He states He’ll use it in his seven p.m. information. Ananya will get mail from her father’s e-mail ID that he did not suicide. She will get psychological and walks out. Kabeer looks at her and tries to go away. Shreya stops him and says new plan is nice and they need to go over it and let ananya get lead. Manav suggests they need to be professional and continue to keep personalized troubles in your house. Kabeer walks out. Malvika scolds him that he is a waste human body and can’t get any guide, but backbites Every person and walks from board room.

Kabeer asks Ananya what took place. She exhibits electronic mail ID and claims it arrived from papa’s ID. Kabeer is shocked to hear that. Malvika will take him side and tells Shreya and Manav have united and can make an effort to hurt her and Ananya, so he should really watch out.

Ananya tells Kabeer her papa is alive, else how can he ship mail. Kabeer suggests this cannot be and a person is tricking her. She suggests she will see a guide and can bring out papa’s reality. He states he can get IP deal with 1st and asks her not to inform everyone over it.

Precap: Hidden truths can not be concealed for years, it’s going to burn up like hearth and are available in entrance in some way.

Precap: No precap today.

Written Update By Sahir


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