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Razia Sultan 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia and Mirza search aged Woman,Yaqut tells that he enquired and received 6 to 8 snakes..Razia thanks him and tells Mirza that she was right..Mirza tells he dont trust him..Razia tells that they are late,Yaqut wantedly bumps into Mirza and drops his Sword..Mirza sees it and asks in regards to the sword,Yaqut denies,Mirza pushes him and tells that full planet realize that he dont like Insult..Anotherside Razia reaches the secret space,Mirza and Yaqut combat,Mirza pushes Yaqut and tells will destroy him If he denied to state the reality..Yaqut tells that Altamash gave the sword to his father..Mirza is confused even though Yaqut smiles..Razia goes into the home and tells to surrender..Aged Woman assaults Razia from again,She manages to flee..Razia tells aged lady that she is not going to damage her and to mention How she is relevant to Mirza,Old Woman convey to no and yet again assault her..Razia holds her..
Yaqut tells Mirza that Altamash killed Subedar of Bhatinda and conquered it,Someway his son and spouse survived..Mirza asks the outdated Woman learn about his Son is alive?Yaqut tells that he dont know Substantially,Mirza tells him to go..Yaqut goes..Outdated Woman tells the Razia that she’s like his father,Razia calls Soldier’s and tells to arrest the previous Woman..she tells that once to open her fingers will eliminate Altamash..Altamash comes and tells to mail the Woman clear of Delhi,Previous lady tells him to afraid of God and now she’s not by yourself as his Son is with him..Altamash order’s to take the Outdated Women of all ages..Razia is shocked

Precap::Razia asks Altamash relation between Mirza and Old lady,He gets angry..

Written Update By Sahir


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