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Razia Sultan 8th October 2015 Written Update

Razia Sultan watch online

Mirza gets Razia arrested. She is guilty in my eyes. Razia tries to make him understand that Shah Turkan is lying. My love is pious. I dint cheat you. The soldiers drag her away. Shah Turkan walks forward towards Mirza. I had not told you this truth today but I had to. I know it that you are good enough to be a Sultan. I don’t doubt your capabilities at all. I can help you in taking care of Delhi. Mirza replies that he has finally opened his eyes in love. It doesn’t mean that I will close my eyes towards my enemies too. You brought Yakut here. You plotted. You will help me? I don’t need a Rakassa and her son to rule Delhi. He orders the soldiers to keep Shah Turkan and her son to a dark cell. They should live in that dark for forever. Shah Turkan begs for his mercy but in vain.

Razia is chained. Shamshad rushes to her side. Razia is your Sultan. She should not be treated this way. Mirza calls her guilty. She should be taken to Bhatinda. Shamshad Begum requests him not to be so stone hearted to her. MIrza stays put. Shamshad Begum decides to go with Razia. Soldiers take a chained Razia with them while Mirza sits on his horse. Razia tells Mirza that he is making a mistake. He will regret it when he will learn the truth. He does not think so. You cheated me for Yakut. I will find him from wherever he is. I will bring his head to you in gift. Mirza takes Razia with her.

Razia is walking bare foot around town. Her Ammi stops her palanquin as she notices Razia’s condition. She holds her when Razia feels dizzy. I will walk bare foot with her. Mirza replies that they all are his slaves. You cannot give me orders but you have to abide by mine. It will be good if you sit in the palanquin. Shamshad Begum accepts it that she is his convict but he cannot stop her from supporting her loved ones. If you think I am revolting against you then you can kill me. You cannot force me to be away from Razia. She walks bare foot with her granddaughter. They both support each other as their feet get bloodied due to all the walking. Mirza stops them. He requests Razia’s Ammi to sit in the palanquin. She suggests him not to be so sentimental for the convicts. He says I am feeling sad for you as you are hurt. She refuses to leave her granddaughter’s side. I wont sit in the palanquin without her. Mirza announces that the troops should stop here for the night as it is evening.

Shamshad Begum nurses Razia’s wounds. You have blisters in both your feet. I don’t know how you handle all this. She replies that this has become a part of her life. Shamshad is tearful to think that these feet were to have mehndi today but look at the fate! She leaves.

Rukn-ud-din is scared of the dark. No one will hear us here. We will die this way. Shah Turkan assures him that she will find a way. There are two stones inside the cell. She lights fire. Darkness cannot stand in front of light. We have been through so many problems together. This too shall pass. Trust me.

Mirza asks his commander to send a message to Tavrez Khan (who is looking after Delhi).
Take care of Nasir and Shazia. They should not face any problem. Shamshad Begum comes to talk to Mirza alone. The commander leaves. Shamshad Begum says I was glad to know that you felt bad to see me in pain. The pain in your eyes told me that there is still something left between them. It sure isn’t like it was in the past but it isn’t over. It shows that your love isn’t finished but it is clouded by doubts. Break those walls. I trust Razia completely. She has not loved anyone other than Mirza till date and neither will she do it. You know it better.

It takes place. Adore requires checks. I think that you’ll not are unsuccessful this check. Razia tells her Nani jaan not to beg for her from everyone. We’ve been from your royal blood. Now we have lived with happy and can die so only. We aren’t convicts to search down Specially ahead of individuals who have been raised on our Abbu’s pittance! Mirza receives indignant. Shamshad Begum attempts to quieten Razia but she continues speaking. My might be partner has caught me thinking that I have killed his mom. If he thinks so then be it. He thinks that I love not him but Yakut. I will switch this doubt into reality. I agree which i was twiddling with your heart. I love Yakut! Mirza holds her chin. Don’t test my persistence. You created fun of my really like. What did you just say? You like Yakut? Razia repeats it. I love him. I have cheated you. What punishment will you decide for this cheater killer? Shamshad Begum orders the soldiers to acquire Razia absent. Razia carries on to repeat it that she enjoys Yakut. You could destroy me if you would like but I will still say a similar detail. The troopers lock Razia inside a cell. Mirza is angry.

Precap: Mirza needs to be sure Razia dies a slow Demise. He announces his wedding with Razia.

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