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Razia Sultan 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Mirza tells Razia that aged lady attacked her,She states that Girl should be arrested..Mirza tells first they must catch the previous Girls..Altamash tells that Past is haunting them,Shamshad asks how many things He will cover,Altamash tells that he will alter the things soo his young children should not put up with..Turkan provides a Pet dog to Naser and tells that his title is Pasha,Razia tells Mirza are unable to assist her in Hunting the outdated Girl,He tells that is not intrested..She asks if Ruknuddin and Moizuddin catch the aged Woman..Outdated Girl sees Mirza and gets joyful..Razia hugs Mirza,He tells that dont realize that she Is that this Substantially intimate..Razia tells Sure..Each of them goes but Old Girl simply call “Mirza”,He turns..Razia tells she didn’t heard any voice..
Two of soldier’s catch the aged Woman But Yaqut arrives and kills them..Turkan will come and tells that they are good friends..Outdated Woman tells Turkan was the one from the Jail,Turkan tells that she is Mirror which displays real truth..Old lady tells she simply cannot have faith in her..
Mirza tells Razia that Yaqut might be powering this all,Raziaa tells they’ll lookup the old Ladies..Turkan and Yaqut usually takes the Old lady to some room,Previous Girl denies to remain there..Turkan tells that Altamash will never Allow Mirza satisfy her..Outdated lady tells that Razia enjoys Mirza,Turkan tells that Razia only adore electric power..Old Girl asks why Razia is intrested to eliminate her,Turkan tells If she wont rely on her than can go..Naser comes with Canine..
Naser tells that his Dog “Pasha” can research nearly anything..Razia tells that Pasha can get to till previous Girls,Mirza tells they are going to test..Razia tells Naser she want Pasha for sometime..He agrees..Ruknuddin asks Turkan concerning the previous Women of all ages..She tells that in someday Razia will attain their..Ruknuddin tells that Mirza is in conjunction with Razia..Turkan tells Yaqut to perform something..Yaqut tells there is just one way and its his Sword,Turkan tells to carry out whatsoever but to seprate each Razia and Mirza

Precap::Mirza asks Yaqut about the sword

Written Update By Sahir


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