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Razia Sultan 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yaqut,Razia,Mirza search snake,Mirza tells that there is no snake..Razia tells Mirza and Shamshad to believe that her..Yaqut tells he will concur..Mirza offers towel to Razia and sees Yaqut angrily..Turkan taunts and tells that Yaqut is an excellent bodyguard..Shamshad tells to shut up and remain in boundaries..Later Razia tells Mirza that she have witnessed snake in toilet.He tells which the way Razia was terrified he understood..Razia hugs and cries thanks him for trusting her…She apologises as she hugged Yaqut,Mirza tells her to tranquil as he recognize and regard her as well as their appreciate will develop record..Razia tells that her strenght is Mirza..Both of these seems to be at each other.Music plays in background..Mirza shut his eyes and attempts to kiss Razia..But she feels Shy and goes away..Mirza bit by bit arrives although She smiles and nodes her head..Suddenly the human body of “Hakim” falls..Both equally of these is shocked..
Altamash tells that “Hakim” was incredibly close to him, and He’ll punish the killer,Turkan tells killer will go away some evidence and counsel to give investigation to contender’s of DELHI sultanate,Altamash asks Shamshad..She agrees..Razia tells she can also be Prepared..Altamash tells quickly they’ll capture the murderer..Yaqut includes a sword and tells that he bought close to the place..Altamash tells to convey..Turkan gestures Yaqut..Mirza sees and tells That is previous lady’s sword..Turkan tells that now really like will ruin

Precap::Altamash tells all  his army to catch the old lady soon..

Written Update By Sahir


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