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Razia Sultan 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Mirza tells razia that Yaqut was conversing with some-a person,Yaqut tells that he was supplied Map and was seeing rooms,Mirza tells that thief look through Secret room like this..Razia tells to neglect..Both of them goes..Yaqut tells Mirza is right and he came to finish their appreciate,Mirza and Razia tells one another sorry and laughs..
He tells that spouse could be stupid and outrageous but shouldn’t be fighter,Razia tells that Mirza applied oil that why behaving like this..He tells Of course..Razia tells that can search for the old Girls..He agrees…Anotherside previous Females coughs make fool the soldier’s and operates..Altamash tells that he want old Women of all ages soon..Shamshad comes and asks with regards to the lady..Altamash tells That how his bodyguard murdered Mirza’s father,Shamshad tells to state the reality to Mirza in any other case the comsquences will not be superior..He states that is definitely frightened as it’ll impact Razia’s daily life,As for now will mail the old Woman away from delhi..Razia asks Mirza about the lady,Instantly she sees a snake at the rear of Mirza and shouts,He sees but finds almost nothing and tells that If a spouse sees snake in close proximity to his huband this means love is soo A great deal among them..Razia laughs..Mirza tells regarding the Previous Woman and she or he drawa…Yaqut holds the snake and laughs…Altamash tells his army to locate the aged Girl and send out out of delhi…
At palace Razia and Mirza search the old lady,Razia sees snake again..Mirza asks what happened.. Razia tells nothing and goes..Yaqut sees and gets happy.. Razia bath Yaqut sees and smile(evil)
Precap::Razia hugs Yaqut Everyone is shocked

Written Update By Sahir


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