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Razia Sultan 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Iqbal tells that their problem is because of Ruknuddin,Yaqut arrives and tells to peaceful..Moizuddin phone calls Yaqut animal and tells may be he killed Razia,,Razia will come back again..She tells that she cost-free them all and Yaqut is additionally going to delhi,Three of these are stunned.Anotherside at Palace Zaroon inquire Mirza didn’t he long gone to save lots of Razia??Mirza tells that Thought of delhi Sultanate and arrived again,He sees army having previous women and attempts to end them..Mirza asks a single human being about the previous-Gals..He tells that its Distinctive Military of Altamash and they can’t stop them,Mirza tells will question Altamash directly.

Ruknuddin tells Razia that how can she belief thief Yaqut,Iqbal apologises for what transpired and He’s brother its his duty to safeguard her and tells Ruknuddin and Moizuddin that if Razia wanted would’ve long gone by yourself but introduced them its her kindness,Iqbal tells that He’ll give his daily life for her,Razia many thanks Iqbal and tells Yaqut its time to leave for delhi.

Mirza asks Altamash in regards to the Aged lady,He tells that Many individuals arrive at fulfill him and dont remember anyone..Mirza reveals the flag and his drawings to Altamash and yet again asks,Altamash scolds and tells that he dont try to remember..Among the list of Minister arrives and notify that Razia effectively captured Yaqut and is also returning to Delhi,Altamash will get delighted and tells Mirza to rearrange a celebration,,Turkan listens and tells a little something is fishy..Altamash goes in a very key spot and fulfills a old Girl..Turkan somehow fools the military and goes while in the Jail..Razia,Yaqut,Moizuddin,Iqbal and Ruknuddin involves Delhi..Razia research Mirza,she operates and arrives Mirza as well arrives..Each examine each other and hugs..Yaqut will come between..

Precap::Yaqut is presented infront of Altamash,He asks what Yaqut want..Yaqut tells he want to become bodyguard of Razia,Mirza sees angrily Yaqut

Written Update By Sahir


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