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Razia Sultan 24th September 2015 Written Update

Razia tells Mirza’s mother that she cooked sweet for her,,In kitchen Ruknuddin mix one thing in sweet..Mirza’s mother consume the sweet and inform that it is extremely tasty..Razia gets pleased..Uzma tells Razia that destiny is together with her..Shamshad gets content..Since the “mehendi” ceremony has began..everyone is content Quickly Mirza’s mom faints..Shamshad tells Fathima to take her to space..Razia is fearful,Fathima Anotherside can take Mirza’s mom in to the home..Mom faints..Fathima goes..Yaqut burns the home and laughs..Mirza’s mother shouts..Razia and Mirza operates…Mirza is stunned to begin to see the home burning..Razia comes…Mirza somehow pulls the door and gets inside..
Mirza’s mom gets consious and blames Razia as she identified her ring…She check with regarding the ring..Mirza as well asks..
Shazia tells that Mirza can’t blame Razia…Razia tells that her mom by now absent significantly away from her now she don’t desire to free her..Ruknuddin tells that may be Razia experienced a grudge towards her..Razia tells that she understood all given that its Turkan and Ruknuddin program,Mirza tells Razia to regulate herself and quit accusing without having evidence and he continue to believe that Razia cannot do this,Mom tells that she was about to die and he is getting aspect of Razia..Ruknuddin gets delighted..Mirza will get annoyed and goes away..Everyone is shocked

Precap:Razia tells Fathima that some-one is there who are creating difference between her and Mirza

Written Update By Sahir


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