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Razia Sultan 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Fathima tells Mirza that Razia’s pores and skin was burnt as a result of HALDHI which was bought by his mom,Mirza is shocked..He search Razia..Yaqut sees and tells that Mirza should never ever fulfill Razia..Yaqut will come..Yaqut tells Mirza can not meet up with Razia..Mirza tells that he know The key atleast Yaqut can deliver information..Yaqut tells that he’s Razia’s bodyguard not his..
Razia tells Yaqut to thoughts his tongue as it is Mirza,She tells to apologise..Mirza tells to ignore it..She tells that Mirza is her globe and Yaqut behaved very inproper..Yaqut apologises and goes..Mirza tells Razia that she even not behave correctly,as she cover the secret from him..Razia tells now his mother is aggravated and when she explained that the specific situation would’ve are actually even worse..He tells Razia to get closer..Each of these get near..Razia smile goes away,Mirza follows her and tells desired to hug otherwise might be annoyed..Razia hugs Mirza..He tells that Razia is seeking incredibly gorgeous..Razia smiles and runs..Mirza notify its now his transform to hug..She tells that he is very shameless and operates..Mirza catches and tells that isn’t scared of anyone,Yaqut hides and sees and receives jealous..Mirza’s mom tells Yaqut that she was Improper and Razia is a superb Female..Yaqut tells that she can’t refuse that Razia’s father is actually a murder..She tells that there will be a brand new starting Along with the Really like..Yaqut tells that he wish to see her joyful..
Shamshad tells Razia that Mirza can not remain absent..She smiles and notify that will not do anything..Mirza slowly and gradually peeps in the curtain..Razia catches him and scolds..He tells that can’t avoid her..Razia tells will meet soon after sometime in room but he should not peep..Mirza agrees..Mirza kiss Razia but she goes absent..Mirza waits..Yaqut tells Mirza should wait for good..

Precap:As Razia’s Mehendi started off Yaqut burns just one space

Written Update By Sahir


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