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Razia Sultan 22nd September 2015 Written Update

Razia tells Fathima to halt Mirza as she cannot meet up with him,Mirza comes with a present..Fathima comes in between and stand..Mirza tells that just one who appear amongst their really like will be punished,Fathima tells that Mirza can not go inside of as Razia is altering gown,Mirza tells that this is excellent time..Fathima tells He’s soo shameless..Mirza tells that he will find Another way to specific his thoughts..He writes a letter to Razia and offers to fathima,Razia reads it and will get joyful..Fathima tells to say total reality to Mirza..Razia tells she can’t try this..
Yaqut comes which is stunned to see Razia,,She tells to offer her letter to Mirza..Yaqut agrees..Later on Yaqut throws the letter aside..Mirza comes and question Yaqut what He’s undertaking listed here..Mirza tells that he wished to meet Razia..Yaqut tells that He dont have permission..Mirza tells to not forget about his regular..Razia phone calls Yaqut..Razia sees Mirza and hides..Mirza goes angrily..She asks Yaqut about Mirza..He tells that Mirza was annoyed..Mirza’s mom explain to him that she acquired sweet for him,He eats and tells that it is delicious..Mirza eats all..Mother asks Mirza If he would be content marrying Razia,Mirza tells that he are not able to leave without the need of her..Mother tells that Razia is Princess along with Ruler and its rough for them to deal with home..He tells that Razia is superb..Mom tells that she dont have any objection If He’s delighted..Mirza many thanks mom for generating sweet..Future early morning Razia will get up and is particularly shocked to determine Naser,Shazia and Fathima..Shazia tells that also marks on her encounter..Razia is stunned and tells that she want to fulfill Mirza..She tells that
Yaqut will come..Razia tells to carry Mirror,She tells that her experience is now pretty bad..Yaqut is about to tell but Shazia stops him,Yaqut tells that fishes are hungry in lake..Razia goes and checks herself and tells that Shazia,Naser and Fathima was earning her fool..Yaqut tells Indeed..Razia presents meals to fish,She tells Yaqut that she Promised to satisfy Mirza,Yaqut much too throw foods to fish..Mirza will come and sees both equally of them..

Precap:Razia tells Shazia that somebody is attempting to generate distinction between her and Mirza

Written Update By Sahir


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