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Razia Sultan 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Razia Sultan watch online

Shamshad Begum is praying. Shazia is amazed that she has not given up on God even after losing so many of her loved ones. You haven’t given up on hope while I feel there is nothing left in life. Shamsad Begum says God tests its people. My faith is the strength behind my prayers. I am certain Razia will come back. If God wishes her to become the Sultan then it will happen. She is the hope of our family. She will surely come to clear away all this darkness from our lives.

Razia reaches Delhi. She looks at the sand. She touches the sand as she steps inside Delhi. She rubs it over her forehead. I salute the dirt of Delhi which is like a mother to me. a daughter has come to free her mother from everyone’s clutches today. I am here Abbu to get my Delhi and its citizens’ justice. My blood is indebted to it. I wont mind losing my life to save it. A few soldiers come there. Yakut steps forward to warn them to stay away from Sultana. Razia points out that they are her friends actually. I had sent Allahrakha to alert them only. The commander asks Yakut if he cannot differentiate between friends and foe. Razia says it isn’t his fault. No one can say who can switch sides and when. I am here today only because of Yakut. This time is not to doubt anyone. We have to be ready to attack our enemy – Malik Altunia! She discusses the plan with her troop. I want us all to attack at once so the enemy is caught unaware. They all agree to help her get her right back.

Mirza reaches Delhi. He greets Shazia but she heads inside. I have come to clear this misunderstanding of you, your sister and of Delhi. I want to meet Yusuf Khan asap.

In her room, Shazia is irked that they will have to live under the rule of someone who has snatched everything from them. A servant comes to inform her that her Nani has called her. Shazia rushes to meet her Nani.

A commander stops the soldiers from taking out anything from their treasury. You don’t have to waste it on common people. Mirza asks him who is her to take this decision. I gave you the responsibility to look after Delhi and not trouble the people. All this is for them only. It is our duty to take care of them. I had given it to you only for a while to take care of it. Now the Sultan is back and he doesn’t need you. The guy nods and turns to leave but Mirza stops him. I have got to know that Razia and Yakut are already here. You have to find them at any cost asap. Appoint your men. I want them both at any cost. The guy agrees to work on it right away.

Shamshad Begum tells Shazia that Allahrakha has brought Razia’s message. Razia is coming back. Shazia gives credit to her faith and prayers. Your trust has won.

A few soldiers kill the soldiers who are guarding Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din’s cell. They open the lock on the door and leave. Shah Turkan thinks that her friends thought of them. They both get out of the jail.

The soldiers catch hold of Yakut. He is arrogant that he is a special of Sultana Razia. You wont be able to do anything. The commander tells him to be quiet. We know only one Sultan – Mirza. Yakut gets arrested.

Mirza tells Yakut that he ruined countless lives, killed so Lots of individuals for his have egocentric motives. I will do justice currently. Yakut smiles. Mirza carries on, you will need to buy killing my mom; for making misunderstandings in between me and Mohtarma. Yakut asks him not to talk a lot of. What In case you are unable to do just about anything? Mirza orders the soldiers never to do just about anything to Yakut. I’ll get rid of him. He will get Yakut free within the chains. He punches Yakut on his deal with.

Muiz-ud-din asks his team of soldiers to attack now. This is actually the time. Develop havoc in Delhi by performing a massacre. Disrupt every thing!

Mirza asks Yakut what hurt a person did to him that he killed so many people. What did you obtain? Yakut replies that every thing is good in love and war. You did not have earned Sultana and neither do you do now. She was mine and shall be mine. Mirza hits Yakut all over again. What was my mom’s fault that you killed her so mercilessly? Yakut phone calls her a martyr. She died for love. I obtained Sultana as a present due to her Loss of life. Mirza beats him once again. You’ve harm me and my Mohtarma. You are a Satan in disguise. You established a rift between us both of those. The beatings continue on aspect by side. Yakut commences counter attacking him but Mirza keeps fighting. I wont leave a devil like you alive currently. Yakut states a devil snatches whatsoever he would like. I produced a great number of misunderstandings between you the two. I pretty meticulously established fireplace inside your mother’s area for which Raziz was blamed. Following that, I killed her with appreciate. I did so so that you dislike Razia. The good news is Razia thinks of you to be The key reason why of her downfall. She loves me, not you. Mirza remarks that it’s wrong to possess misunderstandings. You’ll neither have Razia or her like ever. Razia also seconds him surprising Yakut. Your sport is up Yakut! Yakut is stunned.

Precap: Yakut holds Razia but she manages to push him. Mirza beats Yakut to death. Shah urkan and Rukn-ud-din too meet a similar fate like Yakut.

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