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Razia Sultan 21st September 2015 Written Update

Yaqut comes and sees..One of the relative tells which can be expecting Bride and she is missing..Wrestler beats Razia and she or he falls..Ruknuddin laughs..Again Razia will get up and runs to conquer him,He picks her and Pushes away..Razia falls in Mud,Full Group laughs..Razia receives up and tells that she really have to use Mind and electrical power..She jumps with complete power,Wrestler falls in mud…Razia picks him and beats..Altamash receives content..She punches him..Wrestler falls..Razia holds his neck and tells that She is a Girls although not weak..All folks shouts Razia’s title..Altamash tells he is happy with her..Just one minister tells that Razia defeated the Wrestler and received this Levels of competition…Individuals notify that Razia is courageous and sort hearted women..All shouts Razia’s identify..Altamash declares Razia given that the the subsequent RULER of Delhi as she gained the final spherical of Level of competition..

Mirza arrives and tells everyone that Razia won the Opposition would be the upcoming ruler od Delhi..Just one relative come and tells Mirza that Razia can’t take care of each as she dismissed her HALDHI cermony..Afterwards Razia will come and asks in which is Absolutely everyone..Mirza’s mom scolds her and tells that each one kinfolk were being upset..Yaqut will come and tells that Razia is ruler and also have many tasks..Razia tells Yaqut to shut up..Yaqut tells that Mirza’s mother dont know nearly anything..
Mirza’s mom tells that after sometime Razia will accuse that she spoil her confront by HALDI,Razia tells its nothing at all like that..Turkan combine anything in HALDHI..FAthima delivers HALDHI..Turkan places it on Razia’s experience and hand..Razia someway manages..Turkan tells that her arms are Burned but still Razia is managing..Mirza’s mother tells that her blessings will likely be always with Razia..Razia many thanks..Fathima normally takes Razia..She shouts in Soreness..Fathima is shocked to see rashes on Razia’s hand..

Precap:Mirza tells Yaqut that he want to fulfill Razia..Yaqut refuses

Written Update By Sahir


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