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Razia Sultan 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Altamash opens the Prison and Mirza finds no-one..He tells that its all Turkan plan,Mirza goes..Altamash threatens Turkan tells that again she try to tell Mirza then will punish her,Turkan apologises..Later Turkan tells she have to find the old women,Altamash thanks one of his army officer for Hiding the old women..Mirza sees Yaqut eating JALEBI and talking with Razia..Yaqut tells Razia that he will come some other time…Razia tells Mirza to eat JALEBI,She tells from next time will not give JALEBI to Yaqut,Mirza tells that over sweetness is not good..

Mirza advices Razia to maintain distance from Yaqut,Razia is shocked..Mirza afterwards realises that he need to apologise Razia,He sees Yaqut and hides,Abruptly Yaqut is vanish,Zaroon tells Mirza that Razia is expecting him,He goes..Yaqut comes and satisfy Turkan,,Turkan appreciates him,Yaqut tells that he was six year old when she saved him.Ruknuddin is stunned..

Yaqut tells that he would in no way destroy him,Ruknuddin asks is always that drama??Turkan tells Certainly..Ruknuddin tells its a very bad strategy,As Razia would have killed and he would have become the ruler,Turkan tells that he thinks little Everytime ..And her prepare is to generate difference between Razia and Mirza…Yaqut tells that its difficult to build rift in between Razia and Mirza as they re in like,Turkan tells that it’ll take place..Yaqut tells that it’ll acquire time to produce a rift amongst them,She tells that bought a very good top secret,A few of these listen to’s some voice,,Mirza arrives inside and sees Yaqut standing ,He asks whom he is speaking with??Yaqut tells that he was praying..Mirza tells to tells the name of his lover with whom he was scheduling ill..Mirza pushes Yaqut and asks angrily..RAzia comes and tells Mirza to leave..He tells that Yaqut is of twin faces

Precap::Razia asks Mirza whom Yaqut was talking to

Written Update By Sahir


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