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Razia Sultan 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ruknuddin sees via window..Mirza gestures and tells Razia to stop,Altamash tells Mirza do whichever he want..Razia tells to see her the moment..He sees Razia,Previous Woman tells Yaqut that Mirza will eliminate Altamash and get her revenge..Altamash tells now He’ll notify his side Tale,He tells that it had been Qutub-uddin Aibak’s rule, Mirza’s father desired to beat delhi and get rid of Qutub uddin Aibak,But Qutub -uddin purchased Altamash to arrest Mirza’s father..Prior to the Arrest he(Altamash) needed to fulfill his father But resulting from some misunderstanding Mirza’s father attacked him As well as in combat Sadly was killed..Mirza’s mother viewed this and thought that He was guilty..Altamash tells that he dont have any proof But what he claimed is reality..Mirza cries..Razia tells that her father have soo considerably less time and won’t ever lie..Altamash is shocked..Razia tells to provide her punishment If it proved that Altamash is guilty..Mirza throws the sword and goes absent..
Ruknuddin sees and falls..Moizuddin laughs and tells that his prepared failed tells to leave politics and be a part of dance..Ruknuddin tries to beat Moizuddin..Turkan comes and normally takes him absent…Mirza sees his mom and tells to consider treatment..Zaroon will come,Mirza tells Zaroon to deal with his mom..Aged Girl tells that she needed to talk to him,Mirza tells He’ll meet up with later and goes..Razia abide by Mirza,Mirza throws his outfits absent..

Precap::Turkan tells one last game she have to play..Mirza goes in water,Razia is shocked

Written Update By Sahir


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