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Razia Sultan 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts off with Razia Listening to shank sound and thinking vaid chandra bhatt’s ashram has to be somewhere close to. Ruknuddin joker gets willing to battle with savior sultan, but will get scared of getting killed. Yaldos says if he really wants to enter into individuals’s heart he should stop becoming coward and states a day of warrior life is much better than one hundred years of coward everyday living.

Razia reaches river lender where she sees individuals praying surya/Solar and asks in which is vaid chandra bhatt’s ashram. Girl theres claims she came to Mistaken spot and there is no ashram in this article. Razia claims her brother’s life is in danger as a consequence of poisoning and needs antidote. Lady asks her to complete pooja. Razia states she’s a turk and muslim. Woman asks her to carry out namaz then and pray god. Razia performs namaz. Girl then offers her prasad and asks her to feed it to her brother.

Ruknuddin waits for savior sultan and offers in front of people today that sultan escaped fearing him. Just then, Mirza enters carrying savior sultan’s apparel and removes his mask. Ruknuddin and turkan are stunned to determine him. Ruknuddin asks how occur he is sultan when he was there when he was going to kill sultan past time. Mirza says it was his Buddy and asks if he remembers how he saved his Buddy. Ruknuddin reminisces the incident. Turkan states if he is sultan, then he can easily trick him and kill and even don’t give antidote.

Mirza will come near Ruknuddin and asks him to offer antidote now. Ruknuddin claims he troubled him a great deal and now it can be his change to slowly kill him. He offers persons that he’s very generous and desires to hug sultan prior to combating, who appreciates who will endure after this combat. He hugs mirza and stabs him with toxic nail and states slowly he will go unconscious and He’ll conveniently kill him.

Razia walks to palace with prasad and thinks she saw humanity and learnt a lesson that every one religions are equal.

Precap: Ruknuddin is about to kill poisoned Mirza when Razia enters as savior sultan and rescues him.

Written Update By Sahir


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