Obtain the popcorns Prepared as you men will soon be dealt with into a sizzling passionate sequence in Channel V’s most favored demonstrate Sadda Haq: My Lifetime My Preference (Outside of Dreams Leisure).

As seen while in the former episodes, Randhir (Param Singh) and Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) had been having many arguments and fights about their individual challenges. But now all is apparently sorted out since the few is all established to appreciate a sizzling rain sequence on the exhibit.

Shared a source, “In the approaching times viewers will be handled into a Exclusive romantic sensuous sequence wherein Randhir and Sanyukta will probably be shedding off their inhibitions and coming near bodily.”

The sequence could make their connection turn into much better and The 2 will enter into a more in-depth bond immediately after possessing an argument.

Detest and really like surely goes hand in hand we are saying (wink wink)!

Speaking about the same Param shared, “This is a complete on passionate intimate scene that may occur for a surprise to our supporters. As actors we had to be comfy carrying out the scene to make it seem true and convincing.”

The sequence will air someday next week.


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