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Qubool Hai 8th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Armaan is shocked to find mahira like this, and then reprimands sara and asks how dare she did this to his wife, mahira. sara asks him not to get emotional as he cant be serious as he only got her here. he asks her to get lost. She says that wont be easy, as she may have come here by his will, but shall go by her say. he says that noone gets their say in front of him. sara says that she wont go so easily, and that she loved him, and wouldnt be so easy to get rid of. he says that he knwos what she loves and gives her a bundle of notes, but she finds it less, and then throws another wad, saying that she doesnt deserve more than this, and she gets happy, and leeringly grabs the money. She congratulates him his honeymoon period with his wife and leaves. mahira mocks him. He says that he got her respected and sara thrown out, and she is taunting him only. She asks who should he taunt, as he is the one who brought her too, and that it might be his trick to get him in, and its his to get her out too. he forcibly holds her hand, finding her nervous. Armaan forcibly grabs mahira by the hand, and draws her out of the house, while she insists whats he doing, and screams at him to stop it, but in vain. He then almost shuts the door on her face, while she is shocked and horrified as to what he is doing, by throwing her out of the house.

In his room, armaan wonders what mahira thinks of herself angrily, and decides to teach her a lesson by not opening the door for sometime. Outside, mahira screams at him to open the door. Her foot slips and she gets a sprain. she asks latif and gazalla to open the door. he smirks and goes in. mahira walks ahead.

Late in the middle of the night, gazalla and latif are asleep, when armaan is awake in his romantically set room, and finds heavy winds blowing, and comes out hastily to the main door, and then opens it, and is surprised to find mahira not there. He hollers for her, and searches around, and then finds her asleep on the stairs, and rushes to her, and nudges her awake. she wakes up to find armaan near her, and jerks him away. he asks if she is okay. She responds that he shouldnt be bothered, and asks him not to touch, asking what does he want to prove, as he threw her out, and now is asking if she is okay, as he couldnt care a damn if she is alive or dead. She says that he doesnt need to show his fake sympathy, and he shouldnt mask himself, when his true self is exposed. She walks with a limp, her sprained leg paining. He tries to support her by holding her hand, but she jerks him away, asking him not to touch her, as she doesnt need his help to take care of herself. her foot slips yet again, and when he comes to help her, she again retorts back saying that she doesnt need his help. she walks off inside. he thinks that she has a problem when he is wrong, and a bigger one, when he is right, and scorns thinking that their biggest problem is that they are girls. he nevertheless still walks behind her, as she walks to their room, and then slams the door on his face, as he is outside, Mahira sits inside the room, locked. He asks her to open the door, as he waits outside, saying that he made a mistake. latif and gazalla see this from a distance, and wonder whether they are loving or hating each other. they hide when he sees them. He then resignedly walks off from there. oblivious that he is gone, She says that in front of everyone, he married her, and now he has to accept her as his wife in front of the world, and give the respect that she deserves as his wife. he walks away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum plays hide and seek, with everyone on Imi’s request. As she is blindfolded, and on a pedestal, all hide, while she searches around for imi. Granny is tensed thinking that her plan should work. she hopes that begum wouldnt be able to see and would fall down the pedestal. Granny hopes that she slips, but just then, imi makes a noise, and she takes a u-turn. Imi is almost trapped by begum, and as he retreats back, they are all horrified to see from their hiding places, that he would fall down. granny, ehsaan and farida scream and rush to save him. hearing their screams, begum opens her blindfold and almost saves him, as he is about to fall. they rush to him, and caress him, while granny stands tensed. they take him inside, leaving behind granny and begum, who understands what granny wanted. Begum comes to granny, and taunts that, she might try all that she wants, but she wont be able to expose her in front of people, and she shall always win. she begins to go, but then warns granny, to remember before doing anything, that she has evil spirits, and she might herself fall in her own trap. begum leaves, while granny is tensed.

Later, begum comes out of her room, to find granny and farida praying, and is tensed and surprised. She wonders whats granny upto now. Once farida leaves, granny prays to the lord, that he always favours his people, and begs him to save her family from the evil spirit. Begum comes and hits a rod on the floor, alarming and startling granny as she opens her eyes and finds begum in front of her, who asks her to keep seated. she then comes in front of her, and says that she doesnt like beating around the bush, and the thing plain and clear, is that she cant defeat her, even if she wants to, and if she doesnt refrain from her behaviour, then she and her family would lose their life. Granny gets to praying again, but begum asks her to shut up, and then says that if she needs to pray she should pray her. Begum says that she shall give her another proof of her magic, and snaps her fingers, and farida starts screaming in pain, holding her legs tightly. granny is distraught and rushes to her, while begum smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Latif and gazalla find armaan sleeping on the sofa, and lament at his condition of being here, on the sofa, after his spiteful fight with mahira. Mahira comes to him, and they escape. She puts the tea tray down and prepares him a cup of tea, and then nudges him awake abruptly, and he looks at her scornfully, while she wishes him good morning, and asks him to have tea. he takes the cup almost but then stops, and gets up. she says that she hasnt laced it with poison, and that she has good news for him. he is irritated, but she insists on giving the good news, and shows him the honeymoon tickets to kashmir, where they can spend their honeymoon alone, and he says that he is excited too, and then tears the tickets and sprays them around. But she is unfazed, and says that she is as arrogant as him, and he shall have to go to the honeymoon with her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: His secretary tells armaan, in the office, that all of his work shall be duly filed and done with, before he leaves. Armaan is boggled and asks when and why. she says that he has to leave before the honeymoon. He asks how does she know of the honeymoon. mahria comes and says that not just the secretary but his entire staff knows that he is going to his honeymoon with her. She smiles amused, while he eyes her tensedly.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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