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Qubool Hai 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:

Location: Undisclosed Site and Khan begum’s residence
Mahira is blown in reverse by the massive winds, as she loses control on her legs’ motor movement, as a result of influence of razia’s black magic ritual. Khan begum says that very soon they shall be capable to see the person’s reflection inside the mirror. Meanwhile, in his space, azad is Operating out, when he sees a thing which is surprised. he sees mahira slipping weirdly, slipping back again the stairs, and he tends to make a mad dash from the corridor, and catches her through the hand, just when she is about to show herself inside the daylight, by slipping. Due to the pull, mahira’s hands tumble from the daylight, and its reflection immediately appears within the mirror. Razia and khan begum wait in anticipation for the total experience to generally be discovered, because they think about the hand. they bear their eyes down and are amazed. khan begum asks why the encounter isnt observed, and razia responds that some electric power has saved her. A romantic but uncomfortable eyegaze follows. Abruptly, the glass shatters, plus they the two are stunned. raziua suggests that there’s some ability preserving her, as destiny is enjoying a game with khan begum that’s why they couldnt begin to see the confront. They surprise what that energy is. She is oblivious that its her very own son, Azad. Meanwhile, mahira recovers and composes herself, eyeing him tensedly. He raises his hand approximately caress the curl of hair from her confront, while she is stunned, at this transformation of conduct in him, as he really bears a loving smile on his encounter. she shyly looks down. He eyes amad having fun with the watch from his home, and teasing him. He receives tensed and then leaves thw hand and she falls on the ground, which triggers the bracelet in her hand to fall out, and under the sofa. mahira miracles if he is mad, that he saved her to Enable her fall. As he passes by, amad teaases him that he is content that he also has created intimate emotions and that his key is Protected with him. Azad claims that he might have completed exactly the same with anybody, and was just seeking to protect her from slipping. Amad teases him and he leaves inside of a huff. Amad then relates to her and instigates her more from azad, that initial he pretended to avoid wasting, then gave her far more suffering. he then flirts together with her, and he or she goes gaga and all around the moon, at the eye. he asks how could she getting so wise droop so lower, and slide like that. she suggests that Bizarre matters are going on to her, first the itch on her back, then this pull, and asks him why they dont get azad treated, being a relative. Amad says that only she will be able to remedy azad’s difficulty, and can take care of him, as she is aware herbal medicines and forecasts as well. he praises her, though she gets all pumped up, as he suggests that her hands have magic. He asks her to go ahead and take problem, for that sake of him, as though he doesnt get nicely, he wont be married, anf if azad isnt married, then he too cant marry, although an ideal Woman stands correct prior to him. she shys and blushes after which claims that since he has positioned much rely on, she would do one thing. She asks him to guarantee not to tell anyone.

In the meantime, Razia laughs incoherently, while khan begum is angry that she is so pressured to learn about the girl. razia states that this match is considering the fact that hundreds of years, the fight of excellent more than evil, which continues to be the exact same, although the pawns transform. She’s tensed. Razia says that yesterday it had been her and sanam, and currently its her and the Distinctive figure bearing Lady. Khan begum retorts what she’s then. Razia gets angry and asks if she is aware of just about anything about her. khan begum suggests that she is trying to get anything evil and sacred, for which she stays while in the grave. Razia asks her never to poke much in her dim wants, as otherwise it shall Forged a detrimental affect on her as well. khan begum asks her how she would trace the Woman. razia says that she will be able to see The trail, but hazy, and desires to very clear it up, as a result of silence and time. Khan begum asks her to carry out what ever it will require, but see that Female. she is tensed. Khan begum asks her if she observed the girl. Though she meditates, khan begum keeps obtaining irritated, and after that finally razia opens her eyes, and says that she located The solution to her concern. Razia says that she located the path leading to her instead. She says that darkness douses in darkness, in the same way, brightness also immerses in brightness, Which some great shall absolutely attract itself In a natural way towards the Female. Khan begum hears intently. razia says the ashes on the flower shall alone be interested in that Woman, as she’s a noble soul. khan begum asks how can she be so confident, which the ash shall bring about that girl only. razia claims that the sport amongst her as well as the special girl, shall be decided by destiny. she is tensed. rzia says that she should play the wager with rely on on her Future, as that Woman is incredibly close to her, and In case the evil needs it, then the askes of your flower shall lead her to that Woman, and if she would like to have her powers, she would need to bear the risk of Risk. She is tensed.

In her home, mahira commences Together with the analysis on azad, to have the ability to locate a curative rememdy for him. He begins together with his Actual physical capabilities, as she concerns phrases that he’s often so indignant and terse, therefore she doesnt know much. she decides to click a pic, to make sure that she will get all her inquiries answered. She normally takes out the digital camera and takes a demo pic of herself 1st, and finds it satisfactory. she then leaves with the digicam, even though saira and bano are sure that mahira is following equally the boys and they shall have to halt her.

Scene two:
Site: On the highway
Khan begum has the ashes inside a bag, as she bitterly remembers sanam’s curse on her. she thinks that sanam gave such a wound by likely, thats been paining for the last 25 yrs, but she wont acknowledge defeat and would do nearly anything that it takes, to receive them backk. she normally takes the ashes on the flower, and commences praying it within the isolated road, hoping that it reveals in regards to the Particular Woman, remembering razia’s wprds. the monitor freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Mahira walks on the road, which has the ashes sprayed and suddenly, the ashes start burning bright in golden light, as small pearls of light, and surround her surreally. From a distance, khan begum waiting in the car, is surprised to see that a girl’s image comes on the road, with the pearls of ashes surrounding her, as mahira herself is boggled, and starts to fight to get the pearls off her. She is shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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