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Qubool Hai 7th December 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Armaan gets tensedly in his car, and asks the driver, to take him to home. But then, he gets ehsaan’s message, inviting them to dinner, both him and mahira. He then gets an idea, and asks him to take to ehsaan’s place

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Armaan arrives at ehsaan’s place, where granny and farida come joyfully to greet him, and then ask where is mahira. Begum comes just then too. He eyes her tensedly, and looks away. granny asks him to focus on his marital life, as he shouldnt have left her alone on their first day after marriage. he says that he was going to her, but came here, due to ehsaan’s message. Farida says that ehsaan just went out. he is boggled. farida goes to get snacks. Granny gets tensed begum says that she called him through ehsaan’s phone, as she wanted them to dine together. he gets to leave, but granny doesnt allow him, saying that he shall have breakfast first. He asks begum to take care of him, while she goes in. Begum stops him, as he gets to go, and then comes to him, saying that she thought all was okay between them, and that now he and mahira are married, and that she knows they dont get along well, but to make this relationship beautiful, they have to give true love to each other, and then all shall be okay. She asks him if he hears what she is saying. As begum slips a red packet in his coat pocket, while he stands tensed, oblivious to what she is stealthily doing, granny notices her and is tensed. The black magic works on him. Begum thinks that he has to get rid of his anger and when he goes home, he shall see the innocent face of mahira, and seeing which, he shall be tempted to love her, and she has the fullest belief that he shall do exactly that. He walks in a trance, saying that he should get going, as mahira is waiting for him. he walks out, while begum eyes him evilly. Granny is tensed. farida comes with snacks, and asks where he went. begum says that he was missing mahira, and hence left. begum walks off. Granny thinks that the devil can never want good, and that she shall not let her ruin ehsaan;s life, nor mahira and armaan’s, and hence she shall do whatever it takes.

As armaan walks out in a trance, remembering mahira’s face, granny comes and asks why is he leaving so soon, and says that she hopes their marital life is blissful, and then stealthily making it seem accidental spills the pure water that she had brought for him on his coat, and takes out the red packet. The magic works off, and says that its okay. she says that he is a wonderful man, and the lord shall never let wrong things happen to her. he gets going, and then the driver asks him, and he tells him to take him to the club. They drive off.

Inside, granny is praying that the lord never sends anyone back empty, and prays for the strength to be able to take away all pains from her grandson’s life, and show a way, so that she can expose begum in front of everyone. Then she opens her eyes and finds a peer baba blessing her that the lord is with her, and that the lord shall help her in removing the black soul in her house and asks her to focus on her surroundings as she shall find her way there. he leaves, while she eyes around tensedly, thinking about what he meant.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
mahira has their room set to a romantic setting, with candles, champagne and rose petals, while latif and gazalla are all gaga over it. They hear the doorbell ring, and are alarmed at the arrival of armaan, who they are sure shall definitely fall in love with mahira, after seeing her efforts. mahira eyes them amused, and then goes to open the door. When she opens, she is surprised to find armaan with another girl, with his hand around her shoulder, as he suggestively introduces her, while she asks who is mahira. He says that its his wife. they then walk in, while mahira comes to her, and says that she is happy that she is here, and asks her to be comnfortable, as good friends are so scarce, and she is happy for armaan. Sara congratulates him on finding such an open minded wife. mahira teases him and retorts back. he asks sara to come along, and takes her away. He enters his room, set up romantically, and Sara is amazed to see this, and thanks him for having done this. he eyes it tensedly though and sees the champagne and pours it in the glasses. He hands her one, and she instead takes the entire bottle. He compliments her on her guts, while she leeringly and suggestively speaks, getting tintimate with him. he leans in close to her, but right before kissing, mahira comes and eyes them together, which makes them uncomfortable. he distances away, while sara asks her to atleast knock first. she says that its her room. he says that its good she came, as he was commenting sara on her beauty and he likes girls better drunk. sara asks her to join too. mahira complies, as she cant refuse the guests. he taunts that he is impressed by her manners. Sara turns around and takes the glass and then drops a pill in it, and pours champagne, for mahira and she thanks her and drinks it, while he and sara watch. mahira then tells sara that indian wives know how to please their husband, going all all turmoils and problems.

Meanwhile, outside the room, latif and gazalla are very confused, that they cant see or understand anything thats happening inside. they wonder why the new girl is here. They insinuate if its an extra marital affair of his and condemn it. latif says that she shall get armaan back on the right track. inside, mahira finishes the glass and armaan takes it, places it, and then walks out. Mahira then asks sara to get out, as her work is done. sara says that her husband only got her here, and if she has a problem, she should deal with it. sara says that she doesnt know who she is, as she can throw her out of his house and his life. Mahira slaps her, and terms her ill mannered and asks how can she be so desperate, as she wont be knowing earlier but now she knows that they are married. sara is shocked, as mahira says that she is his wife, and asks her to get lost. sara slaps mahira, and asks how dare she call her ill mannered and takes off the pallu of her saree, and says that she shall show her what ill manners are. She takes her by her hair and pushes her away and she falls right beside armaan’s chest, who composes her, and is tensed. sara eyes her angrily, while he eyes her and then mahira, who is almost asleep in his arms, as he holds her. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Armaan forcibly grabs mahira by the hand, and draws her out of the house, while she insists whats he doing, and screams at him to stop it, but in vain. He then almost shuts the door on her face, while she is shocked and horrified as to what he is doing, by throwing her out of the house.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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