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Qubool Hai 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Khan begum comes to azad and says that there’s something special about her face, and that she is reminded of the past whenever she looks at her. he says that she shouldnt waste time, thinking about such ordinary people. She leaves tensedly. amad comes and azad says that he shouldnt mess around with that girl, and hence sent her away. He asks why is he so protective all of a sudden. Before they can begin fighting, two girls come in and then flirt with amad, taking him out with them, for partying. he leaves amused.

In her room, khan begum is tensed, while latif and gazalla while pressing her legs, keep ranting about her miserable condition. she says that she is very tensed. gazalla points out that if she gets the girl with the special figure, and after killing her, she regains her powers back, and then a pious good natured girl comes along, to give challenge to her evil powers, what then. Khan begum remembers sanam defeating her, and then tells them that the memory of a loss is worse than the loss itself, and asks them not to ever remind it again. She says that had destiny wanted her dead, anand wouldnt have come that day. She says that she came so far and this journey is due to her victory, and that she would find that girl wherever she is.

The following early morning, khan begum is shocked as she finds mahira making use of some herbal medication on kainat’s hand, and she or he cringes that its paining. She reprimands and asks mahira whats she executing, and what has she utilized. She states that this is for kainat’s hand to receive batter. khan begum suggests that kainat;s hand has been viewed by the world’s greatest Medical professionals who couldnt handle it. mahira states that Physicians dont have the answer to every thing but character has, and she is trying a therapeutic treatment on kainat’s arms, Which wont harm her in any way. kainat says that she has fullest hope that mahira wont talk unnecessarily. Khan begum tells mahira that considering the fact that kainat thinks in her, for this reason she is letting, and that she doesnt want the hopes to die out. Mahira assures that she isn’t the grasp but has her father’s notes and formulation, which ended up superb. She suggests that yesterday, even the itching on her back subsided as a consequence of this. She also decides to show her, but khan begum appears away disinterestedly, oblivious that she bears the Exclusive determine, expressing that she is minimum bothered about her pains. She tells kainat that she goes out for many operate, and when she could make a lemonade to amad, since he has a nasty headache. Kainat complies. Khan begum leaves. kainat wonders how to go, to amad, when she has the drugs on her fingers. Mahira states that she shall go and provides him, thinking that she isnt keen on Assembly him, but nevertheless shall Select kainat’s sake.

In his space, amad has a weighty hangover, when mahira is available in having a lemonade. she sulkingly sites it around the bedtand and is going to go out, when he calls her, and she or he miracles whether she must respond or not. she lastly turns all-around, and he pretends to generally be really Unwell and in discomfort. He asks if she really assumed he forgot his day. she’s appeased, and afterwards asks if she essentially remembered the date. he suggests that he did. he suggests that he must be angry that she didnt even arrive at meet up with. she vehemently tells that azad sent her absent. He suggests that dialogues that azad have to have claimed, to gain her confidence and it actually is effective. he says that azad has often can be found in the way in which of his happiness, and He’s habituated to it now. She asks if he did it previously also. To have her psychological sympathy, he claims that his earlier is troublesome, and that he doesnt wish to share his previous and memories, as they arer agonizing, plus they turn into a joke when he discusses it. He claims that she doesnt know just how much azad is jealous of him. she claims that she desires to know why is he so Bizarre, as from the primary occasion, she has found something Erroneous in him. he meanwhile begins considering evilly. He claims that he may really feel protective relating to this Woman, but now he shall turn this Lady absolutely versus azad. Amad says that azad doesnt like any person loving him, as he desires Every person’s consideration. She cracks a stupid joke at that, and He’s annoyed. Then she composes herself and asks her to go on. he claims that azad has even occur amongst them. she’s mesmerised by his terms. He’s amused evilly, as she blushes. he asks for the lemonade, and she gives it to him. She asks him to finish the Tale and carry on. He then claims that some several years back, he did the exact same detail with afreen, and azad distanced them as well such as this. Azad finds mahira and amad chatting up freely, from distance, which is tensed and worried. he wonders why women halt wondering before amad. As she co,es out, he scares her by confronting her. he asks her to stay away from amad. She asks why. he insists without having providing a reason. She claims that she doesnt hear any person for no cause. he states that it angers her. She claims that she isnt terrified of him, and that he ought to find out manners as an alternative. Azad insults mahira stating that going by what her stature is, it doesnt feel, that her mothers and fathers gave her any correct upbringing or gave any excellent manners. Mahira asks him not to even dare say just about anything about her spouse and children, as she wont stand it. he suggests that he isnt frightened, and asks her to stay clear of his relatives and adds that she cant do nearly anything, when he can do Significantly to her. She asks why does he converse like he loves his loved ones a whole lot, as he doesnt after which adds that those who appreciate, dont steal the valuable possessions in their family members. He’s boggled and indignant and asks Exactly what does she necessarily mean. She provides that he stole his brother’s lifestyle, his real appreciate Which she knows what he did with afreen. he stands stunned and greatly surprised not anticipating this. he leaves swiftly from there, boggling her. he goes straight to amad, who smiles evilly and victoriously at him, as he eyes mahira. he moves earlier amad devoid of expressing a word.

Scene 2:
Area: Undisclosed Location and Khan begum’s home
Khan begum goes to satisfy razia, who’s offended that she disturbed her in her worship of evil powers. She claims that if they do the job with each other both shall be benefitted. she says that if she helps her get that special Lady, then she can get the powers back again, and as soon as that happens, she will help razia get whichever she would like. razia is set to imagining. she asks razia Exactly what does she want so desperately, that she is ready to remain in the grave even. razia smiles evilly, and asks her to Wait and see and wait around, as she would know almost everything with tim. Khan begum is tensed, whilst razia agrees that will help her to go looking the girl. She is surprised. then they carry out some black magic ritual, which shall figure out how shut that Lady will be to khan begum, who thinks that her hold out shall be ultimately over, given that the quicker she gets the Female, she would get back her powers again yet again. The ritual demonstrates that she is in the identical state, and even more so, in precisely the same metropolis. khan begum is amazed. meanwhile because of the effect of the rtual, mahira feels that she’s currently being pulled by anything, as her legs involuntarily start out relocating, surprising her. Razia says the Female is somewhere around her. razia states that if she strengthens her powers and phone calls them, then she can draw her out during the daylight, and at the time she can do that, her reflection would demonstrate inside the magical mirror, and they shall know who’s it. Khan begum asks her to go ahead and get it done then. razia closes her eyes to reawaken her powers. This leads to big winds to blow, which make mahira eliminate control of her individual toes as she starts battling to keep a grip. the screen freezes on mahira’s experience and the mirror.

Precap: Mahira is blown in reverse by the huge winds, as she loses control on her legs’ motor movement. Khan begum says that very soon they shall be able to see the person’s reflection in the mirror. Meanwhile due to the pull, mahira’s hands fall in the sunlight, and its reflection immediately appears in the mirror. Razia and khan begum wait in anticipation for the full face to be revealed, as they look at the hand. they bear their eyes down and are surprised.

Written Update By Sahir


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