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Qubool Hai 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Part 1

Mahira tells Amad to mind his business and not disturb her meeting. Amad tells her that she cant deny the truth. Mahira turns to see and Amad slips some meds in her drinks. Later Mahira wakes up in her bedroom with Armaan and all standing around. They inform her that she fainted coz of food poisoning and Amad brought her home safely. Mahira keeps mum.

Later, Armaan thanks Amad. Amad tells him that it wasnt a coincidence he was at the restaurant. He says Armaan wanted Amad to keep an eye on Mahira and while doing so found out that she was meeting some Shahid secretly. Armaan is upset. Amad smirks.

Mahira is a bit worried about Armaan’s aloofness. She decides to tell Armaan everything about Amad. Amad comes there and fools her how he is there to apologize for his behavior. He promises not to interfere between Armaan-Mahira and burns a pic of himself and Mahira.

Kainat is at the hospital and docs inform about doing plastic surgery on her and getting her hand fixed. She says dont have money. The nurse shows her the jewelleries she was wearing and she decides to trade it for the operation.

Part 2

Amad asks Mahira to take Armaan out for movie. She asks Armaan but he ignores her. She brings coffee for him and he still ignores her. She feels dejected and walks away.

Plastic surgery performed on Kainat. She looks normal and her hand is fixed too. Meanwhile, Sameer is busy flirting with someone. Right then Mahira comes. She asks Sameer about Kainat. Sameer covers saying Kainat is in London getting her hand fixed. She wants to surprise you so din tell you. Mahira tells Sameer why he din go with her. Sameer says Kainat wanted him to stay back to look after the business. Mahira tells Sameer to tells Kainat to contact her. Sameer having kept Kainat’s phone with himself sends a message to Sameer’s phone saying ‘Am fine’. Mahira is convinced and leaves.

Part 3

Armaan surprises Mahira and she is delighted. She hugs him and Amad watches shocked. Amad is upset. Meantime, Mahira-Armaan pray for a fresh start to their married life.

Precap — Mahira begs Armaan to trust her and that the pics are fake. Armaan says TALAQ – TALAQ – TALAQ.

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