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Qubool Hai 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Razia tells her to get mahira married to azad, her true love, as their child’s sacrifice holds the key to bringing back her evil powers. They are then set to an idea to find out if mahira is a noble soul, who will sire a noble child. She is shocked. later when the rituals are to be done, Kainat goes missing, and khan begum is terribly tensed. razia asks her not to bother on that, as she might have just gone for shopping, being happy and not necessarily in tension, and she has many other problems to take care of. Sher asks khan begum to take care of the rituals, while she is concerned that kainat never goes without telling her anything. While azad watches helplessly and distraughtedly, the rituals begin with mahira. Khan begum asks amad to come ahead and present the heirloom jewellery to mahira. he eyes azad evilly and presents it to mahira. she asks him to help her wear it. Azad thinks that she is making a big mistake. Mahira desperately thinks that she is is grave problem and doesnt want to marry. he helps her wear it, while azad watches helplessly, as he grazes his hand across mahira’s neck, discomforting both mahira as well as azad. anand kumar asks about kainat and razia says that she must have gone shopping. Then he and khan begum present their own jewellery to mahira, who wears it non-chalantly. Then, khan begum asks azad to help mahira, amad’s would be wife wear the jewellery on her hands. he complies, while both he and mahira watch each other helplessly. amad watches amused evilly. just then, razia comes with green water which is laced with black magic, thinking that this shall determine that mahira is a noble soul. Stealthily, pretending as if by accident, razia drops the green water on mahira’s hand, and azad caressingly wipes it off her hand, both remembering their last confrontation. Razia apologises for her carelessness. mahira takes away her hand remembering his insults. azad too retreats back. razia again drops it stealthily, and mahira’s hands immediately starts burning. As it falls on the mattress where she was sitting, it burns the cushion and turns black. Amad immediately rushes to mahira’s help, as she asks raziua what was in the glass. amad hastily rushes away with her to get it medically treated.

Scene 2:
location: On the road
kainat finds a person unconscious on the road turned upside down, and then gets the car stopped. As she steps down trying to wake him up, the masked person pushes her away and then hits the driver too. he then starts surfing through the car trying to search for something. She tries to pull off his mask, but she isnt able to, as he pushes her again and gets back to searching. She finds a rod and hits him on the head with it, but before she can give a second blow, he composes himself, and takes off the rod from her and throws her aside. kainat hides behind a bush, while the person tries to search for her with a revolver. She is scared. she takes her mobile out from the bag, and then calls sameer, talking about the problem she is in. Just then she hears a pat on her shoulder, and its the goons who bashes her head against the tree. meanwhile, gazalla and latif arrive there too, and find the driver unconscious. they then turn and find the goon with an unconscious kainat. he asks them to help her sit in the car. they comply. then gazalla and latif drive off with kainat and goon in the back seat.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence

Within the room, khan begum tells razia that when the wrong route is taken, it never brings about the spot, and how the way in which they used to keep mahira in the house is Improper way too. khan begum is boggled. she asks razia why she dropped inexperienced h2o on mahira. razia asks her to do not forget that when she experienced out environmentally friendly drinking water The very first time, azad’s hand was on hers, and very little happened, and the next time, when azad’s hand wasn’t on mahira, she acquired burnt. Khan begum asks what does this imply. razia states that This suggests they the two are noble souls, and after they unite jointly, they get the toughness to struggle anything at all. Khan begum is shocked as razia tells her that mahira and azad are meant to be, and they need to marry. khan begum states that it isnt so, as They may be concerned with mahira’s youngster, and she will sire 1 with amad. but razia tells her that it wont do, since it wont be a youngster born from pure like, after which it cant be accustomed to get their powers again. razia suggests that the child has to be azad and mahira’s as its the genuine soulmate. Khan begum claims that she doesnt have confidence in this and the power of really like and currently being with each other without end. razia asks her to open up her eyes, as evil has got to struggle the good, as its been for centuries. She then displays razia the mirror, through which zoya and asad’s appreciate story culminated of their deaths, then ahil and sanam as well fought for his or her love towards all odds, of evil, And exactly how they way too died at last. Khan begum is stunned to check out this, And eventually when she sees azad and mahira with each other, she understands. razia tells her that this Tale of love is the fact that has proven time and again that the strength of enjoy cant fade or be ruined with time. The monitor freezes on khan begum’s boggled face.

Precap: In his space, amad tries to physically get personal with mahria, despite her dssent and though she attempts to get him off, he retains forcing himself on her, when she desperately tries to get out of his grasp, as he tears her clothing off. Just then, azad is available in and it is furious with anger, seeing amad accomplishing that,although mahira will get the prospect to compose hesrelf, distraught and totally shaken up.

Written Update By Sahir


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