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Qubool Hai 29th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
In the lawns, mahira sits sullenly and tearful, remembering azad’s insults about her face and his humiliation, and then amad’s proposal. She says that she shouldnt have returned, as the elder brother made a joke of her face, and now the younger brother proposed her out of the blue. she says that he didnt even bother to ask her what she wants. she turns around surprised, to find azad standing across her. She turns to go, but he stops her. With much composure, she stops. he comes to her, and then says that he wishes to talk to her.she suggests that she doesnt would like to weither listen to him, nor hopes to communicate. He takes her through the hand and after that turns her around to confront him. their eyes fulfill, and a clumsy yet romantic eyelock follows, with her hand his his. she jerks her hand absent. he asks if she has decided on amad’s proposal. She asks what he thinks. he claims that he doesnt know whats happening in her mind, Which she didnt need a makeover, and advoces that if she is agreeing to marrying him, then she would make the biggest blunder of her everyday living. She taunts that he must have felt negative, which the Woman who he rejected and hates so much, is loved by someone else. He remembers his insults which is apalled. she relates to him and asks if he is right here to warn her towards his have brother, and asks whats wrong with him, as he professed his adore before Anyone and she understands that he knows manners and the way to deal with a girl, that is unachievable for her. He remembers what amad’sopnion is about her which relationship and will get anxious. he asks her to Feel whatsoever she hopes to about him, but marrying amad would be Completely wrong. she asks what can be right for her then, and it is amad is Completely wrong for marrying and he isnt the correct decision, then who should really she marry and will she marry him in its place. He’s bowled over. she asks him not to bother to reply, but know this Substantially, that this is her life, and he shouldnt interefere in her matters as she would do what she wishes to. She asks him to in no way come to her together with his advices again. she storms off. He’s apalled.

In your house, mahira miracles how can azad be so fickle minded, that he can insult her When he feels then arrive at advice her Any time he would like to. she says that people who dont feel anything for anybody, shouldnt guidance Other folks. she claims that she shall do what ever she decides. She’s stopped by khan begum who concerns her with attire, after which states that she was coming to check out her only. she suggests that she has picked some drsses for her relationship and asks her to pick a person. Mahira attempts to speak, but khan begum shushes her up. She suggests that she recognizes that mahira hasnt even agreed yet and he or she is now planning, but adds that she has the fullest religion that she would say Sure to the relationship. she claims that nothing issues to her much more than amad;s happiness, and his joy is in her, and he has never viewed him so delighted, and he shall generally keep her joyful, While He’s a bit brash. mahra comments that at times the individual doesnt know very well what their happiness lies in, and remembers her times with azad. khan begum suggests that she is sure that when they get married, contentment shall normally reside in this article, and she or he would get what she wishes. she is stunned in regards to the accidental blurt, and after that composes that she needs amad to get satisfied. she promises mahira a lavish and grand wedding ceremony. Mahira is tensed. khan begum all over again asks her to choose, and mahira claims that she by no means believed any person would do that for her, and no thank you suffices to what she’s accomplishing, as she bought her back again in opposition to Everybody’s wishes, and gave her regard much too, but regretfully she doesnt and cant take amad’s proposal. Khan begum is stunned and frantically asks why, as amad is really a noble soul, and likes her, and they all like her, then why is she refusing. She suggests that these things dont make a difference as relationship is from the heart, and considering that her coronary heart doesnt acknowledge it, she cant. She apologises that she cant remain in this dwelling, and is going rightaway. she turns to depart. khan begum is shocked and outraged. She finds razia coming to her, and tells her about mahira’s choice and asks how would she get her powers if mahira remaining and asks what should they do now. razia suggests which they would have to consider alternate means now. Khan begum is tensed.

Mahira goes to the outhouse, and decides that she cant continue to be here for anotjher moment and shall depart and thinks that she shall give her sisters a final goodbye. She wonders where They are really. she finds their wardrobe completely strewn aside and the garments in shreds and torn. she is stunned to determine this. She rushes out to see in which are they. She rushes to khan begum, that is amused, and berserkedly asks the place are definitely the stepsisters, as their apparel are all burnt and torn. Khan begum tensedly asks her to seem outside. mahira rushes out. She finds a trail of their belongings.

Razia attempts some black magic with saira and bano, and it has them trapped, although they working experience burning within their bodies, as razia proceeds together with her rituals, And eventually has them paralysed, when they beg to become forgiven and produced. mahira comes there and is particularly shocked, and surprised when she tries to get to her sisters but is struggling to, being an invisible defend stops her. they ultimately become voodoo dolls, and razia involves them and picks them up. mahira comes and asks razia if she did this, and asks if the dolls would be the sisters and asks what and why she did this towards the sisters. An offended razia asks her to not mess together with her. mahira is shocked, as she throws the dolls on the ground, and closes her eyes and commences some ritual all over again.khan begum comes and mahira tells her that razia isnt appropriate, and distraught tries to narrate what occurred, declaring that they’re all trapped. Calmly, Khan begum says that not them, only she is trapped, and in terms of her sisters are worried, then razia wont destroy her, but she shall. Mahira turns to have a look at her shocked, whilst khan begum says that she received the sisters. she says that as per her Guidelines, razia turned them into dolls, and shall complete them also, if she tells her to. mahira is stunned into silence. Khan begum tells that she retains The crucial element to her sisters’ lifestyle, and if she wants to save them, then she should really quietly marry amad. She says that she doesnt know whats her enemity together with her and her sisters, but then says that The great is far a lot better than the evil, and the things they are undertaking is Incorrect, and she or he wont Allow her do well, and she or he could attempt every thing, but she wont say yes to amad’s proposal. she states that she would notify all the things for their sons, and afterwards they shall be uncovered, and shall also go to the law enforcement. razia claims that she has A lot spark, and she or he enjoys playing with these types of ladies. Khan begum asks what would she tell the police, and asks that statements wuld keep trustworthiness. she asks mahira to go and inform, while she stands tensedly. They are really amused. she receives to go, but then razia exhibits her some online video of her brother, trapped in a similar location, who razia produced to disappear by her magic. mahira is apalled and asks where by is her brother, and why are they executing this. razia teases her expressing that she acquired all of them. Mahira asks why is she carrying out this. razia guffaws. Razia asks mahira that if she desires the protection of her brother, then she should really do what khan begum asks her to. mahira turns to her and begs her to Enable go of her siblings. Khan begum suggests that she shall spare her brother and sisters, but in return she shall should agree to marrying amad, and tomorrow when she is introduced the engagement ring to use by amad, she has got to dress in it, and say Of course to his proposal. Mahira is shocked. the screen freezes on mahira’s facial area.

Precap: Amad goes on one knee and then presents the ring to mahira, while she eyes him, as he asks if she accepts his hand in marriage. Azad eyes her angrily. mahira eyes khan begum tensedly, not knowing what to answer. Later, in their room, Razia tells khan begum that once all is sorted out, they should start playing their bet, as its an easy win for them from thereon, after the marriage. Khan begum thinks that they should start with the preparations soon, as she cant afford to wait any longer, as she starts getting impatient. they are both startled as they turn to look at the door, and find azad standing there, eyeing them sternly. Azad comes and asks khan begum how can she do this. Khan begum is tensed as she is cornered.

Written Update By Sahir


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