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Qubool Hai 28th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Azad rushes out hurriedly, wondering where is mahira and tensed for her. amad comes and tells him that god is busy doing other stuff, and he would have to seek help on earth only now. Amad says that he is ready to help him, and he just has to ask. azad asks him to stay away from mahira, as he shall search her from anywhere. Amad says that he is complicated, as first he sent her away, and now he is frantic to get her back. he says that she shall be confused in these mixed signals. he eyes azad teasingly. he then tells that this habit of his, he tried out on afreen too. Azad asks him not to even compare mahira with afreen, as afreen was a two timing, betrayer.Amad says that its just an view, as for mahira, he far too is betrayer and becoming a cliche himself, he befits the title far too. Azad gets offended and states that he didnnt betray mahira anyhow, as very little occurred with that Female. he teases him and teases that he experienced specified him the chance, and when he missed the oppurtunity then only he should be to be blamed. Azad asks him to shut up, indicating that that was the only way to maintain her Harmless. Amad asks why he sent him away as she should have been home, as to take care of her, he is true listed here. Azad claims that he is aware him, just as if his company ruins mahira’s life, even amad’s mere shadow can ruin any Lady. amad smiles after which asks him to learn about him, from the women that he dates. Azad throws him that has a push and he falls on the ground. he asks him not to speak about mahira, as he would regret it afterwards. Amad asks how could he raise his hand on him, his brother, for the mere servant. Azad says that she isnt a mere servant for him, and is way more than that. Amad asks him insistently whats his realtion with mahira. azad claims that he loves her, and when he a lot as casts a watch on her, he would damage him so poorly, that he would in no way forget about. amad coems to azad and teases him if he goes following mahira, then its in vain. he promises azad that he shall make azad’s mahira, his very own, right in front of his eyes. he says that mahira has no price to him, as he isnt in love with her, but just outside of spite and hatred for his possess brother, i.e. him, he shall marry mahira and make her his. azad angrily glares at him and raises his fist. The brothers are restricted fisted at one another, being a scuffle ensues. Just then, a lady comes in who is not visible as a result of shadows, and when she methods out, its mahira, within a modified royal avatar, wearing superb outfits, that has a fabulous makeover, Together with the braces and braids long gone, and an ideal attractiveness as a replacement. Azad eyes her mesmerised. she remembers how she doesnt will need this makeover, and experienced begged khan begum that she doesnt want this, and asks her to Allow her head to Shimla. Nonetheless they didnt comply. Amad compliments as her beautiful and suggests that she’s welcome in your house. Mahira goes back while in the flashback when her makeover was remaining accomplished. Khan begum says that she is embarassed that she needed to use force on her for this makeover, but she was remaining without any other selection. she claims that she recognizes that she is leaving your house, as well as why. she claims that mahira is very bful, and the entire world has to begin to see the splendor and she couldnt Permit her go defeated, and that’s why its her desire, that the globe should see her lovely deal with. Khan begum and razia stroll in as well. Azad is struggling to take his eyes off mahira. Khan begum arrives and asks if she’s bful. Razia states that she was just like a diamond, just needed to be carved out thoroughly. She says that she observed people ended up misbehaving with mahira, and for this reason they made the decision for this makeover to mahira, as she was the butt of jokes, by latif, gazalla and also her sisters. Amad suggests that all folks might hev disrespected her, but hardly ever him. khan begum claims that he may not have completed it, but she has observed how azad has behaved along with her. They don’t forget. She concerns azad and tells him to apologise with regard for what he did to mahira, and ask her to action inside gracefully. He thinks that its ironic, which they ask him to look at her natural beauty when he identified her bful In spite of the braces and the braids. he thinks that he can apologise 100 periods, but he doesnt want to be fantastic in hias eyes, and shall have to remain evil, for strengthening mahira to stay clear of him. Mahira thinks that a guy thinks twice before even breaking a toy, but he didnt care whatsoever about her coronary heart, and needs that she hadnt been betrayed so poorly, as she as well experienced began liking him, but only got hatred and humiliation in return. He thinks that he must request apology, but cant as he stands helpless. Khan begum suggests that every little thing buckles under pressure, and he didnt think twice ahead of breaking her very poor heart. she states that she wishes everyone to apologise to mahira one after the other. She hollers in any way of them. gazalla and latif are stunned to view mahira. saira and bano fume way too. she asks them to apologise for all of the disrespect they gave her. she orders them. Latif and gazalla, in conjunction with saira and bano apologise. she dismisses them off. then she appears to be like upto azad for him to apologise, although he stands sternly. She tells him that apolgy doesnt make just one belittle his standing, and he has gravely wronged her, and asks him to undo it, and apologise. amad far too asks him not to be silent, and apologise for hurting mahira so poorly. Azad stays silent. amad then tells mahrioa that those who are arrogant cant see any humanity, innocence or simplicity and asks her to ignore him. she has her eyes fixated on azad. He states that he apologises on azad’s behalf, and begs her to stay, as considering that she arrived, he has often addressed her as a buddy, and in some cases with out a makeover, she might have usually located him by her facet, Anytime she necessary. she eyes azad distraught. Amad suggests that he is aware of azad has damage her poor, and asks her to ignore him, and take a look at he himself instead. she retains eyeing azad. Amad stands in just how and asks her to have a look at him. she then ultimately speaks up saying that she doesnt require any one’s apology, and significantly not when it isnt heartfelt. she suggests that until now, she had heard the center should be bful, not the experience, but On this hypocritical entire world, noone goes for the center, only for the facial area. she remembers how azad had insulted her. she suggests that complete daily life, she has been joking, but under no circumstances assumed she herself would turn into a joke. she suggests that she made an effort to salvage her respect till the last inch but in vain. She claims that she will be able to never ever fail to remember the working day, when even soon after begging, she acquired hatred, As well as in it much too, she attempted to seek out really like, but didnt get it. she says that she now understands, experienced she been satisfying for the eyes, she wouldnt happen to be insulted so undesirable. She states that she has viewed personal men and women getting strangers but khan begum, getting a stranger assisted her in all this. She states that due to her, all regard her, but apologises that she wont be capable of continue to be here, and shall go. Khan begum is shocked and asks why is she leaving when Everybody has apologised. Mahira claims that what took place wasnt essential. khan begum thinks about getting again her powers, and thinks that she cant Permit her go. mahira starts to go, but amad tells her that she shall must be in your home, as he desires to be with her. He asks her if she shall marry him. All are stunned, while mahira is stunned, as he gets down on one particular knee to suggest to her. azad stands stern. Khan begum and razia speculate what she shall say. Mahira rushes faraway from there. All eye her as she leaves outdoors. Amad will come and eyes azad evilly after which you can goes within. azad is enraged.

In her area, Khan begum tells razia that she understands her sons very well, and understands that azad would never ever stage as much as choose mahira’s hand, and amad just had to be kegged in, and he would fall prey to their entice, as he couldnt get his eyes off mahira. Razia states that she observed something else also. Khan begum asks what. Khan begum is informed by razia, that mahira was usually looking at azad only and once the eyes hold anyone, noone else can capture the heart. she asks what if mahira refuses to comply with marry amad. Khan begum asks razia never to be bothered, as she is familiar with amad and at the time he is fixated on something, he would do something to accomplish it at any Price tag, and this is just a mere Female. Razia says that she’s no normal girl. Khan begum suggests that she knwos as well effectively, and as a result she has performed this type of guess, that nothing at all shall stand in between her and victory. the display screen freezes on her encounter.

Precap: Razia tells khan begum that once all is sorted out, they should start playing their bet, as its an easy win for them from thereon, after the marriage. Khan begum thinks that they should start with the preparations soon, as she cant afford to wait any longer, as she starts getting impatient. they are both startled as they turn to look at the door, and find azad standing there, eyeing them sternly. Azad comes and asks khan begum how can she do this. Khan begum is tensed as she is cornered.

Written Update By Sahir


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