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Qubool Hai 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Place: Khan’s home

Khan begum is dressed and asks gazalla to make certain that absolutely nothing goes Completely wrong today. gazalla gives this instruction to latif, who passes it on to saira and bano. later, Akram comes along with his relatives. Khan begum and anand kumar welcome them, while they taunt that they have got a huge household, but were hesitant to bring them in this article, once the weay they acquired handled yesterday. Khan begum gets tensed. She vehemently states Certainly, when requested whenever they threw the maid out. Akram enters with his spouse and children, who his mom proclaims they introduced in only eleven customers. gazalla finds that she has introduced 12 members as an alternative to 11, some of them burqa clad. One of these is mahira, who is certain that she wouldnt Enable akram marry and wreck kainat’s daily life, and shall absolutely expose them infront of kainat and her household. She says that there have to be some concept, pic or phone, that confirms his connection with zohra. finally mahira descends down the stairs, with her pals. Mahira In the meantime stealthily tends to make her way nearer to akram. Since the engagement functionality is on, khan begum states that they should have the rings out. Just then, Mahira meanwhile is available in the disguise of a burqa, and stealthily tries to steal akram’s cell frm his pocket. But azad draws him absent oblivously just at that moment, and she or he steps again. Anand kumar proceeds with his dialogue shipping, to be a hero, even in his typical regime, and gets psychological expressing that he has acted plenty of, but this can be a initially time for her. As saira and banio serve food stuff, mahira hungrily will take a plate, joking about this. They feel that it felt like Mahira’s voice, and meanwhile, she goes apart and gorges down on food items. but in her attempt to try to eat hungrily, she begins hiccuping. she’s provided a glass of h2o, and when she finishes it and turns all over to thank the individual, she is shocked to realize that azad gave her h2o, As well as in scare she throws the glass on the ground. she apologises. Azad asks if she is okay. She is fearful and doesnt reply. He miracles who is this, and why was she behaving similar to this. Mahira mingles with one other burqa clad women. She wonders what shall he do now. He wonders how to identify, and if he should really increase Absolutely everyone’s burqa. She thinks that he shouldnt even take into consideration that, as he would get bitten poorly. At last, unable to generate a alternative, he leaves. Mahira helps make her way again near akram and his family members. She disguises her voice as akram’s aunt, and fools akram and will take his cellular phone and goes out. he is tensed. In the meantime, she starts off browsing throughout the pics, and finds that it only incorporates his photos. but while surfing, she arrives throughout something that shocks her. she stealthily, connects it through the USB cable to the massive monitor. Akram meanwhile begins to go searching with the Woman who took his cell phone. He concerns the burqa clad girls, and asks them about his cell phone. The aunt that he refers to, vehemently deneis that she didnt take the cellular phone. He is boggled. She denies that he didnt get it. he wonders who took it then. Khan begum and akram’s mom much too hear this and therefore are tensed. khan begum rushes to him and says that it need to be right here only. his mother much too asks him not to think about the cell phone and begin With all the engagement ceremony. Akram happily complies, and is also going to area the ring, when mahira tries to have the connections correctly accomplished. but before she can do this, the telephone starts ringing, bringing All people’s focus, specially akram’s who identifies it as his ringtone. he suggests that its his phone. mahira is tensed and worried, as she faces their questioning eyes. His mom asks who Is that this lady. Azad receives suspicious and moves toward her tensed and offended. Azad eyes her suspiciously then unveils her. They are offended and shocked to see mahira. Akram’s mom taunts her that she didnt go however, and that they ended up currently being lied to. His mother and akram are tensed, regarding what mahira was upto. mahira is embarassed, whilst khan begum is disappointed. mahira continues to Once more declare that she is familiar with They can be all angry, but asks them to believe that she isnt lying, as akram isnt a nice person. Khan begum screams at her declaring that its more than enough. Mahira is shocked. Some others are tensed. khan begum arrives and slaps her. she’s apalled. Akram and his mother are amused. mahira asks her to continue and hit extra, if This can be what she needs, but what she has to convey, is important as kainat’s lifen is a lot more treasured than her self regard. Khan beguma asks how dare she enter the haveli once more, as she is aware these types of women properly, as they do drama and then demand from customers revenue to prevent. Mahira stands tensed. anand Kumnar decides to contact the law enforcement, so which they can appear and choose her. but azad asks him not To achieve this, as it wont be required. Azad requires her hand and drags her in direction of the most crucial doorway. mahira continues to vehemently plead for them to Participate in within the screen, and just listen to her out at the time. Khan begum is irritated. Akram requires this chance to retrieve the telephone. Just when she is going to be thrown out, the online video begins taking part in, exactly where akram coupled with zohra in his arms, professes that he loves her immensely and shall constantly continue to keep her happy. Zohar asks the amount of he enjoys her. he says that he loves her so much, that he can die for her. they the two romance one another. All are stunned and downright embarassed, because they turn around to think about the display screen, though mahira stands tensedly. Azad and khan begum are shocked. Just then, a distressed zohra helps make her entry from at the rear of mahira, and confronts them all. Mahira tells zohra that its superior that she came. all flip to have a look at mahira, and they are shocked. akram and his mother stand flustered and tensed, as he hurriedly disconnects the mobile phone through the screen kainat is distraught. the display screen freezes on equally the ladies’ faces.

Precap: Azad and amad angrily grab akram, asking how dare he betray their loving minimal sister. Azad gets angry and suggests that he shall kill him, and strangulates him intensely, even though amad too angrily presents him a blow on his face. kainat In the meantime is composed and supported by khan begum, as she breaks into tears, distraught and apalled. Later on inside the evening, even though its getting late in the entire moon night, azad ultimately places the Blue kajnar flower, during the wilderness on the jungles, and progresses to it eagerly, to grab it. He’s even so oblivious that mahira meanwhile way too is wandering all-around in a similar region.

Written Update By Sahir


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