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Qubool Hai 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai watch online

Episode starts with Armaan walking towards Mahira and he falls down unconscious. He is brought home but no amount of effort gets him awake. Khan Begum declares that Armaan won’t wake up as he is dead and he has sacrificed his life in their war against the witches. Mahira refuses to belief this and is hopeful that Armaan would wake up and gets angry with Khan Begum saying nothing would happen to Armaan. Mahira says she is willing to sacrifice anything for Armaan and decides to sacrifice her life for Armaan’s sake. Kainaat returns home and Latiff and Khala welcomes her where Latiff and Khala notices Kainaat’s hands that has been cured. Kainaat says that she was informed by Khan Begum on what happened to Armaan and she had came to visit Armaan.

Khan Begum informs Mahira that Armaan’s heart has turned dark and he is no more the human that he was. Mahira still insists on having him back and finally Khan Begum uses her magic and checks Armaan and says that Armaan could be brought back but only with the sacrifice of same blood that flows in his body. Khan Begum thinks that if Sanam wants to bring back Armaan, she would need to sacrifice her baby as the baby has the same blood as Armaan while Mahira’s blood is not same as Armaan. Khan Begum asks her to choose between Armaan and her baby and Mahira says she can’t make such decision. Khan Begum then realizes that her blood is also same as Armaan’s blood and decides to sacrifices her life and reads her prayers where Armaan wakes up and Khan Begum turns into ashes.

After a few days, Kainaat and Ehsaan brings gift for Mahira’s baby while Khala says her blessings is her gift for the baby. Ehsaan says it has been many days but they have not decided on a name for the baby. Armaan says they have decided on the name which is ‘Zoya Mahira Sheikh’. Khala and Latiff brings the divider and calls out everyone and Kainaat asks what is this for and Khala says that Armaan and Mahira is going to re-marry today. Both Mahira and Armaan comes together and sits opposite each another and flashback of Zoya-Asad, Aahil-Sanam, Shaad-Jannat and Azad-Mahira is shown. Khala and Latiff asks Mahira and Armaan to say it and both of them says ‘Qubool Hai’ while everyone else is happy

The End of Qubool Hai

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