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Qubool Hai 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:

Spot: Khan’s residence

While mahira is engaged on the notebook, for her newspaper article, she feels sleepy and doses off.

In her home, khan begum finds her ft decaying absent and he or she shedding her activity within the foot, on account of her losing her powers. as she falls though trying to seize a glass of water, azda rushes to her help, apalled and distraught while equally are tensed of her decaying situation. azad goes into the kitchen area, in the dark with the evening, to seize water for her, and doesnt realise that mahira is lying on the floor. his foot collides into her, and to maintain his harmony his head falls about the knife, held within the kitchen slab and it starts off bleeding. this wakes up Mahira that is shocked to see the bloodf. azad walks out rushedly, with out paying attention to mahira, that is speeding after him, indicating that she noticed he bought damage and is particularly terribly bleeding. she destinations her arms on his, and he jerks her away with this kind of drive, that she hits her head about the couch chair, as she falls on the floor. she’s stunned and disgusted by his reaction, though he is very tensed and upset also. He leaves. she is boggled.

When azad comes again on the room, they both examine as to how apalling her ailment ever more has become. She talks with the Kajnaar flower, and azad tells her that the flower that blossoms each and every 4 yrs, and afterwards wilts away, he shall certainly get it this time all-around. Then all in their challenges shall be solved, the moment she returns back to her former glory. They are really each tensed.

Later on, whilst mahira walks in that has a phone contact, about a question needing her long term foretelling techniques, she maintains that foretelling is absolutely nothing but hoku,, and alternatively the Woman really should just deal with exertions for success, rather then astrological methods. Then she finds kainat, who promptly can take an curiosity in her astrological get the job done, and mahira talks to her at size, regarding how folks make their very own destiny, and belief in astrology is just for the weak. She eyes mahira’s hand marks, caused by azad, of which she is oblivious and implies that she may get one of Azad’s miraculous potions, that mend wounds considerably faster. But mahira is frightened of him and refuses her to head over to him. kainat appears to be like at her paralysed hand and finds herself weak. But mahira offers her an inspirational speech and tells her about it, as in how she can transform her personal weaknesses into strengths, the same as she did, along with her Eyeglasses and specs. kainat is immensely proud of her, and then she asks her to become by her facet in the event the visitors are available the evening. she agrees.

In her place, khan begum tells kainat that she has to shift over the past, and generate a fresh new new commencing as she is bound this time about, she shall be chosen after which items shall be rosy and intimate for her. kainat also smiles. just then, anand kumar is available in and rudely asks khan begum to provide him his red scarf. She far too retorts back again, and he receives indignant. But kainat intervenes, and sorts it out. Khan begum gives him his scarf, and he walks hastily. She offers kainat a bful gown to receive dressed up in after which you can leaves, blessing her.

Downstairs, mahira talks to latif, when they focus on about how royal and chic the khan family is, when mahira mutters apart from azad. She then cracks a joke about his birthday remaining on Independance Day, provided his name. Latif receives frightened when she spots an individual, and alerts it to her. when she turns around, she finds azad obtrusive at her angrily. Latif escapes. mahira having said that confronts him declaring that he ought to relaxed down his glance, as she isnt petrified of him and his monstrous look like everyone seems to be. She then is tensed about her blurtung out about him becoming a monster. He eyes her sternly. the display freezes on her, as she hides her deal with.

Precap: Following the grooms’ side is gone, mahira suggests to khan begum this male isnt correct for kainat. all are stunned. Khan begum and azad reprimand her for even possessing the audacity to speak in their inside matters, and how dare she chat like this, when she doesnt know of your khan’s loved ones history as well as their royalty, and the relations that they’ve got with Other individuals. Azad asks her how dare she destroy this for kainat, when for the first time in her life, she has bought this happiness. kainat would seem upset as well. mahira even now manages to possess guts and replies that given that its kainat, thats the precise reason why she is so vehemently declaring this.

Written Update By Sahir


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