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Qubool Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Outside Khan begum’s residence and Razia’s hideout
By the effect of the tears that azad sheds, which fall on her hands, mahira starts coming back to senses, as the stone effect fades off. Azad is shocked to see her miraculous recovery. he is relieved and overwhelmed with emotions, as he isnt able to believe his good luck and the lord’s immense blessings on her. mahira opens her eyes. Azad remembers the peer baba’s words. He wipes off his tears, while mahira gasps for breath and then doses off again. He picks her up, hugs her and thanks the lord immensely, for giving his mahira back to him. Mahira stays unconscious in his arms.

Simultaneously, razai’s corroded human body way too begins to revive back, Considerably to khan’s begum’s shock and surprise. She is relieced that razia is alive. razia gets up boggled herself, declaring that somebody saved mahira. Khan begum is shocked, and miracles what impressive pressure could cut that impressive black magic that they did on mahira. Just then, she gets a connect with, from gazalla who tells her about mahira’s recovery and her arrival back in your home with azad. she’s pissed off, and states that azad saved mahira this time about far too. razia is boggled. khan begum asks what to do now, as if they cant eliminate the Lady, then how would she get her powers back again. razia suggests that mahira is more highly effective that they presumed her being, but she is incredibly valuable to them, to be a important on the black magic earth, and that dark forces also want The great character to outlive on, and states that mahria shall survive, but as their pawn only. Khan begum states that if this Female is as valuable, then she wouldnt let mahira be away from her sight and her dwelling, for even a minute. She says that she shall end mahira, but how shall they use her as a pawn. Razia says that she would see to it that mahira plays for their tune. khan begum asks how. razia states that they cant play from afar now, and for this reason now they shall really need to enter the battlefield. Khan begum remains boggled. She asks khan begum whats the battlefield at this time. she is boggled and solutions it’s possible her home. Razia then clarifies all the things and her approach more too. Khan begum hears intently.

Azad gets mahira during the outhouse in his arms, after which you can places her on th mattress, and caressingly drapes the addresses above her. he eyes her longingly and lovingly, as he normally takes off her specs, though she lies asleep. he caresses her forehead out of love as well as the kisses her to the forehead, but just prior to that, he stops himself, reminding that he cant go near mahira, as Each time he has gone, there’s someone who has turned its enemity in the direction of her, and that he needs her properly remaining, and wont Allow any daerk evil drive to hamper her and her wellbeing. He suggests that he shall defend her from afar, and for her sake, he shall really have to avoid her. He’s tensed thinking that if mahira is close to him, then she would always have the potential risk of locating the reality, and therefore for her security, she must be sent very much far from this household and himself. he leaves the area.

Scene 2:
Place: Within the street
The guy who saved kainat, will get her in his car to drop her off, although she remains scared and worried. he assures that she is Protected and almost nothing shall happen to her. She thanks him for his enable. he asks her to thank the lord, that nothing at all Mistaken took place. she states that she wouldnt have bothered him to drop her, as her driver went lacking, and he or she had no other possibility. He In the meantime thinks that he wishes to speak, but then miracles how to initiate the conversation. she sits quietly. He asks if she requires drinking water, and when she complies, he will get down to secure a bottle of h2o. Akram will come and eyes kainat from a length, who’s oblivious of his existence. he then comes, and gags her mouth from the window, and then asks her to stay tranquil if she needs to live. The person meanwhile returns While using the bottle, and finds her absent. He’s tensed and nervous, thinking the place she went. he hears her screams and rushes subsequent the sound.

Meanwhile, as akram drags her, she screams for helpa nd prays to the lord, expressing that her daily life and Demise is in his arms. Just then, akram’s foot slips, and he falls down the landslide. Just then, the new man arrives and kainat rushes to him. Akram faces him angrily. the dude says that its excellent He’s in this article, as he shall finally educate him a lesson. Akram starts to strike him. they enter right into a scuffle. kainat watches them tensed and concerned. ultimately, the man overpowers and throws akram on the bottom. But for their shock and horror, akram’s system vanishes from there. Afraid, she embraces the person, who also is boggled.

Scene three:
Place: Khan begum’s residence
As mahira descends down the stairs, she wonders what had transpired to her, as she didnt keep in mind everything Plainly, just after how she had was stone, and wonders how she landed up in this article from there. she comes and confronts azad, that is tensed in anticipation of her response. they awkwardly encounter each other. she claims that she features a hazy remembrance of what happened that he was combating for her, but nothing at all particularly. she thinks that she needs this fifty percent dream was a fact. he thinks that he had grow to be restless even in the slight thought of losng her, and didnt understand that he was privileged adequate in order to love an individual so badly. He laments that he cant even be close to the individual he loves. She miracles why isnt he referring to what took place. he suggests that she shall hardly ever give you the option to recollect, and he shall never ever be capable of overlook. He thinks that the moment shall never are available in her memory, and by no means leave from his. He eyes her after which you can leaves. She’s going to contact him, when amad distracts her by inquiring how is she. she swiftly suggests that she is okay. he proceeds to have interaction her in banter, though she receives restless. he finds that she has left abruptly, and goes following her, to discover her going after azad to his space, but azad locks it from within, and she or he stands out, expressing that she wishes to talk to him. but he doesnt reply. Amad miracles whats the bful really like story, as commonly he is immediately after girls, but now, a girl is soon after him. he says that he shall Ensure that this door normally continues to be closed.

Downstairs, anand kumar many thanks samir, the person profusely who obtained kainat again safely in your house. he asks samir about his performing prospect. The family members listens intently. Anand kumar offers samir a role in one of his remakes. he smiles. Khan begum also many thanks and compliments him immensely for his act pf bravery. Samir states that he doesnt sense stranger to kainat, and thinks that he knows her from ages. kainat shys absent. samir leaves. Anand Kumar etlls them a stranger can have saved kainat, but it had been anyone of their very own, who introduced her until house, they usually nonetheless must thank that individual. Amad interestedly asks who’s it. Anand Kumar asks her to return in. Because the door is opened, as well as a lady comes in, all are stunned as they change their eyes to see that is it. It turns out to get razia, stunning Khan begum far too. he suggests that this is razia, his outdated sister, as she had long gone extended back to dubai, leaving india, but just returned these days. the screen freezes on razia’s facial area.

Precap: Anand Kumar tells them that she was staying inside a hotel and he couldnt have authorized that in any respect. gazalla feedback that her facial area appears really amiliar. Khan begum watches on excitedly. razia eyes mahira going for walks during the corridor of your house, and thinks that what she requirements is correct here and leaving this massively cherished issue, she wouldnt deram of heading away anyplace. khan begum understands whats she indicates.

Written Update By Sahir


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