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Qubool Hai 22nd September 2015 Written Update

Scene one:
Locale: Khan begum’s residence
Azad is shocked to view mahira like that. he claims that he doesnt know the way it transpired, aor who did it, but for the first time, he understands he has realsed for The 1st time, the amount he desires her, and he cant Enable her go, and his breath shall be long gone once she goes. he states that he cant Stay with no her, which time all-around, before his insistence, the destiny shall have to alter. he says that he shall come back. he leaves.

In the meantime, khan begum will come back to razia, that is in Severe pain, and tells her that she couldnt conserve her, as some black magic stopped her, that was developed by them, and asks what shall they do now. razia states that she doesnt know,a s whenever they entertained Demise being a visitor, it will feed totally. she asks khan begum to take her to mahira. Khan begum aids her rise up.

Scene 2:
Spot: In the dargah
Azad goes into the dargah tensedly, and it is told by a small Female to go over his head and choose off his sneakers. He complies after which enters. he reaches the prayer area, kneels down and prays with teary eyes, begging to the lord’s mercy on mahira to save her, as he remembers mahira’s stone encounter. he claims that he has not come here, until now, as he doesnt gell perfectly with her, but right now he has come to talk to him to save the Female, who may have without end worshipped him, to save lots of her existence. He claims that he has never requested just about anything from any individual, but nowadays he extends his arms out and begs for mahira’s lifetime, as usually he wont have the capacity to have confidence in his existence ever all over again. He asks forgiveness for any crime that he has committed so far, and asks the lord to bless him and possess mercy on mahira. he remembers his times with mahira. he appears on the tears streaming down his facial area with Bizarre appears. He comes out resignedly, grief stricken, every time a peer baba stops him. the peer baba opinions that a lion is shedding tears right now. Azad says that he hasn’t cried till now, regardless if he was born. The baba claims that tears circulation from the heart but originate from the center, when it feels a person’s ache. He states that those individuals are Blessed, whom god offers a coronary heart, to come to feel discomfort. he states that azad was stone hearted, nevertheless the lord has melted him, and his tears inform the Tale of his appreciate for somebody. Azad claims that he can only give pain, but not really like. The peer baba suggests that really like comes about from the guts. The peer Baba claims to azad that he as well includes a coronary heart along with a tender sidee, which he just realised these days. he claims this heartbeat of affection, that he has found out now ought to permanently be cherished by him. azad is tensed. The baba suggests which the lord shall undoubtedly bless and leaves. azad however is unconvinced that he can help you save someone, and enjoy anyone, as He’s a beast.

Scene 3:
Site: About the road
azad drives to the highway, as he remembers the peer baba’s terms, believing that if his stone coronary heart can melt, then mahira can turn again much too. he suggests that he wont Enable anything transpire to mahria, and shall revive her back, at any Expense and shall do whatever it will take.

Scene four:
Site: Restaurant
Akram meanwhile tries to make the most of kainat, who is amazingly worried. She hits akram by using a rod, and arrives out, frm the bathroom, and ruehs out. She pretends to become quiet and composed, as she mingles back together with her good friends. Akram’s wound heals right away and he will come out and grabs kainat, warning them that of they about consider to maneuver, he shall eliminate this Woman. kainat screams for assist to generally be saved. Among the list of fellas arrives forward and then hits another guy, for standing there observing the drama of a woman staying attacked helplessly. following shaming him, he then turns to akram, and snidely remarks that it requires guts from men and women like him, who kidnap the ladies in wide daylight. he says that he would love to shake arms with him, contacting out to him if he is terrified. outside of anger, akram shifts kainat aside, after which shakes palms with him. the person usually takes its gain after which sabotages akram, and hitting him, on the ground, he seems at kainat, who thanks him by her eyes, as he eyes her relieved.

Scene 5:
Site: Razia’s hideout
Razia is in debiliating issue, and states that she shall have to go, or elose who shall help save mahira. She drifts off into unconscious state, when khan begum is shocked and attempts to wake her up. But is stunned as she sees razia’s body totally turned black and corroded.

Scene 6:
Place: Outside Khan begum’s residence
As men stand outdoors the garage, they focus on that thios is definitely the garage thats created on unauthorised assets, after which decide they shall have to interrupt it down, According to orders. they elevate the shutter with the garage, and finds mahira’s idol turned into stone. From the garage, the men remark they haven’t seen an idol similar to this at any time in advance of, and decide that its concealed as it have to have already been something costly. they commit to get it away. They wrap it up in the carton and get it out. Then they seal the garage back again once more.

Azad drives previous, and finds the men having the carton and surprise Exactly what are they performing close to the garage and Should they be having the idol. he decides that he cant Permit it happen. As he finds the garage sealed, he is shocked. He states they cant go ahead and take idol, and decides to save lots of mahira. He runs to meet up with the men. He comes to them and requests them which they cant go ahead and take idol away. The chief asks if he can confirm which the idol belongs to him, as its developed on unauthorised property, and it belongs to them or else. he pleads and begs though the govt officials deny to provide it back again to him, Even with his pleadings. They say they shall split the garage as well as the idol. He claims which they cant even touch it. he says that they would crack when he permits them to go ahead and take idol from there. The person’s crew nab azad, though their chief states that now they shall split it here only. Azad suggests that he shall preserve the idol, but who shall help you save them from him. They overpower azad, following a scuffle. The man picks up the hammer and raises it to give a deadly blow for the idol. but just then, azad overpowers all of them, and comes just in time, to hold The person’s hand, and asks him to strike azad as a substitute. He operates away from there. Azazad eyes mahira’s statue, overcome with thoughts. Azad breaks down stating that his really like last but not least bought defeated before his beastly conduct. He says that appreciate currently being an enormous power, bought the ideal of him also, but his appreciate couldnt stand the exam of time, Regardless that he enjoys her immensely. he collapses on the floor, and screams out confessing that he loves mahira, and retains declaring it repeatedly all over again, as he breaks into distraught tears, beside her. tears stream down his cheeks and drop on mahira’s stone statuette, by her hand. The display freezes on their faces.

Precap: With the outcome from the tears, mahira commences returning to senses, as the stone outcome fades off. Azad is relieved and overwhledm with thoughts, as he isnt able to believe that his excellent luck. Azad hugs her and many thanks the lord immensely, for giving his mahira back to him. Mahira stays unconscious in his arms..

Written Update By Sahir


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