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Qubool Hai 21st September 2015 Written Update

Scene one:
Place: Khan begum’s residence
Azad rushes to mahira’s support, as she groggile slips down the stairs, and requires a tumble drop, when khan begum waits in anticipation for her to die mainly because of the toxic fuel. Mahira falls ideal into azad’s arms, who dives in only in time to avoid her fall. Khan begum is discouraged, as the opening chadar is available in just then to cover each their faces. she’s irritated at the failure of One more try. Beneath the chadar, azad begs and nudges mahira being awake. fianlly, she does, which is boggled to discover herself in his arms, though he eyes her longingly and caringly. He then will help her stand up, though having from the chadar from their faces. he assists her sit down, even though she remains groggy. He gives her h2o and he or she complies, but quickly begins coughing. he asks if she’s alright. She nudges. He asks what transpired. She says that she doesnt know, but was breathless and suffocated, and assumed she was dying. He thinks that he shall die before she does. She asks whats he thinking. he waives the feelings off. He asks her to go and relaxation in the home. She gets up and commences to go although he keeps eyeing her.

In her place, Razia arrives, and khan begum irritably asks why could it be so difficult for her to get rid of these an ordinary girl, and asks if she definitely wants to meet her promise or not, as steps manage to recommend otherwise. razia asks if she’s doubting her. Khan begum claims that she has no other option, but to doubt now. Razia states that her tries are failing on account of her son only, Azad, who has fallen for mahria. Khan begum states that she is aware of. razia warns her that with each individual failure, she’s getting weaker. She angrily asks what to do then, and just sit idle. Razia suggests that with more powerful individuals, she would use her more robust powers way too, and now she would lay out a trap, that mahira wont be able to escape, plus the stone in her road, shall change to stone now. Khan begum is boggled.

Within the outhouse, mahira remembers azad’s concern on numerous situations, and thinks that azad does Use a gentle facet that she has observed, which she does know, but he retains in hiding from Anyone else. she decides to confront him with this. but prior to she can go, latif and gazalla arrive out in burqas, and place a anaesthesia laden hankey on her, as a consequence of which she goes unconscious. latif and gazalla drag her from there, and retain her out. they then unexpectedly go away.

Because the create is completed, with a few crystal ball in the center, razia asks khan begum to shut her eyes. she complies. razia and khan begum together intently start with some deep, dark black magic with their chants, and since they development, mahira who has woken up from her unconscious condition, groggily will get up with a splitting headache and finds that she’s unable to go whether or not she wishes to, and is particularly boggled, not realising that she is popping into stone, from her toes, increasing upwards. appropriate when she is finished till the waistline, razia notices some disturbance and it has a hard time concentrating on the black magic, even though noticing that her fingers are shivering and trembling, past her control, although khan begum continues with no disturbance. she seems to be miserably at khan begum. mahira commences screaming for help, stating that she’s not able to move in the slightest degree, as her hands also have become stone. In the meantime, razia at last screams at khan begum, to stop. Khan begum asks why should really she and is particularly she is alright. Razia suggests that had she been okay, she wouldnt have asked her to halt. Khan begum says that she is having her powers again and she will come to feel it, then why is she becoming stopped and asked to save lots of mahira. razia claims that she is shedding her powers, and wishes mahira to outlive if she wants to survive too. She suggests that she as well as mahira is related, and whichever influence she’s carrying out on mahira, is triggering the identical affect on her way too. Khan begum suggests that she has the fullest faith she shall be all right in someday, but she cant afford to lose her powers now. Khan begum helps make her swear from the identify of evil, to get silent, but khan begum continues, getting closed her eyes again. razia asks her to open up her eyes and end. Khan begum says that she wont stop now, becoming so near victory. Razia states that if she doesnt cease, then she cant continue to exist, and when that doesnt come about, then she wouldnt Are living at any Expense, and asks her to realize that they’ve got misunderstood the Exclusive figure, as if she dies, then she would never get her powers back. She asks khan begum to go and preserve mahira, just before its way too late, and shee turns absolutely to stone. Razia winces in suffering. khan begum is stunned as she understands the total implications then rushes out to save lots of mahira. meanwhile, mahira has became stone uptil the neck.

In his place, azad notices that considered one of mahira’s earrings have caught to the collar of his kurta. just then he hears, mahira’s voice calling out to him. he is boggled. He wonders exactly where is this voice coming from, and if she is actually calling him, or its his hallucination. He thinks that mahira is at risk, and rushes to her space, but finds it vacant. He commences to search for her.

meanwhile, khan begum will come out and is shocked to find out mahira became stone with the neck down, and now heading in direction of her encounter. She asks mahira is she will hear her, while mahira is relieved that somebody ultimately arrived to her assist. She tries to strike which has a stone and rod, however it is thrown absent using a transformed trajectory, by an unseen drive, with no even allowing to graze previous mahira. Khan begum is annoyed wanting to know what to do. mahira thinks that even khan begum isnt capable to enable her. Khan begum rushes to have some extra help. mahira thinks that now practically nothing can happen. Just then,
Azad rushes out which is stunned to view mahira became stone wholly. he miracles in shock what occurred. the monitor freezes on mahira’s stone encounter.

Precap: Azad goes towards the dargah, and prays with teary eyes, begging with the lord’s mercy on mahira to save lots of her. Afterwards, the peer Baba states to azad that he way too contains a heart plus a delicate sidee, which he just realised today. he suggests that this heartbeat of affection, that he has found currently ought to for good be cherished by him. azad is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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