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Qubool Hai 21st December 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
While animatedly bantering with armaan on the phone, she finds some people watching some people watching a person’s performance, which turns to be amad, long considered dead. mahira is shocked to see her, as she remembers amad’s past life. She finds him collecting money after his performance. mahira comes to him and asks where was he all this time. but he pretends not to know the name of amad. mahira is boggled, and identifies herself, while he says that he is Munna Rangila. she is boggled and continues to persist. He gets into his rant of poetry, in his casual, flirtatious lifestyle. she tries to make him remember, while he brands her as a mad person. But she doesnt let go of him, while she says that maybe she only got mistaken, and then tries to lure him, saying that she works in a big music company, and they launch amateur performers. He readily agrees at that prospect. when she walks in with him, latif and gazalla too mitake him for amad, and before they can address him as Amad, mahira takes them aside and tells them of his memory loss. They are shocked. Mahira is assured that they shall revive him back. They comply. he gets them inside.

Later, mahira walks in her room, to find it laden with rose petals, and smiles. Armaan hugs her from behind, while she says that she should be in office right now, and that this is wrong. He says that everything is fair in love, and that he went there, but missed her hence came here. he turns her around, saying that he himself cant believe he is in love, but its the fact. Armaan and mahira confess their love to each other, and hug when amaad comes out of the bathroom, with a towel draped around his waist, as if back from the dead, with mahira boggled to see him, while armaan wonders as to who is it. He tells mahira to come inside him. armaan gets angry while mahira controls him. He then asks her to come to elborate where the hot water stops from. she explains everything, as Rangeela again goes into his rant of flirtatious poetry. Armaan gets angry, while mahira then says that he is her husband, and then says that she shall show him his real room. Amad walks out with her. he comes back yet again, while asking armaan to cool down. mahira is frustrated, as he walks out. she tries to compose armaan and goes after him.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum continues to torment ehsaan and granny, while she begs the lord for a miracle. the doorbell rings and in walks iqbal, as ehsaan opens the door. begum welcomes him heartile, and then hugs him, to chide ehsaan and granny, who are outraged. She goes to ehsaan and asks him to do something. begum brands him as her special friend, and she wants them to prepare special food for the special friend, and get the food in the room. Ehsaan goes into a trance. She then asks granny to go and get whiskey as such nights need that, luringly lsuggestive of their carnal relations. they go in, while granny begs for mercy and help from the lord.

Scene 3:
Location: At the dargah
granny begs the lord, to be able to help them, as begum killed farida, and now ehsaan is bearing the brunt of her toture, and that now she cant bear it anymore, and begs for a way to be shown. she ardently prays. She opens her eyes, to find a bed of burning coal, while people praying beside it. the peer baba says that the lord’s people arent scared of anything, even this burning coal. he says that those who walk on this, shall get everything that they so desire. One of the people tries to do so, but after taking the first step, he fleees off. the peer baba asks if there is anyone else, who believes in their worship to the lord. Granny says that she wodul. she is advised against it, owing to her health, but she is adamant. she says that its a test of her worship, and the lord shall have to listen to her. she eyes the smouldering coal, and then starts walking on it, remembering begum’s atrocities, and then begs the lord to help them. She successfully compltes, while the people are amazed. The peer baba says that the lord shall save her and her family from the dark spirit and tells her of the plan, when she seeks help.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
In amad’s room, mahira asks him not to mind armaan’s words, and that he can stay nicely here, as noone shall bother him. latif and gazalla come with food, while mahira formally introduces them to him, as they go on their senseless banter, much to mahira’s frustration. he again gets into his poetry, while she is amused. She asks them to take care of him, while she attends to armaan. he continues on with the poetry and singing too. As he sings a romantic song, they wonder how amad is singing so well.

Meanwhile, in armaan’s room, he hollers for mahira, who comes and locks the door. he asks whats all this. She then explains everything, and amad’s relation with the family, and how she didnt have any choice. she makes him understand that he is his step brother, but he vehemently denies any relation with him. With tears in her eyes, she says that its fine as its just for humanitarian sake that she got him here, and if he doesnt like it, then amad can be asked to leave. he says that he doesnt want any connecting ties to his past any which way, now that he wants to move on with her. she says that she too doesnt want to look back, hence she is so happy with him, but she couldnt have left amad in that condition. He apologises for bringing tears back yet again in her eyes. he wipes them and she hugs him. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Amad eyes mahira’s pic viciously saying that she is his dear mahira, and that times may have changed, but his adamancy to have her hasnt, and that he has come to get her, and so he shall, at any cost. He says that she is only his. Meanwhile, armaan sleeps by mahira’s bedside, as she sleeps, and promises that that they wont separate ever. he says that he shall protect her from all troubles, and be the ideal husband that she wants.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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