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Qubool Hai 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:

Location: Khan’s residence

As the night is in full grandeur with the full moon, khan begum concocts her evil plans and then places her palm on the flower, to gain her energies back. But just then then, she feels a jolt, and is thrown back, while the blue flower starts to burn. She is shocked, and says that she cant let this happen, as she apologises, saying that she shall use it for kainat. she says that she cant let her 25 years wait go in vain. As it turns to ashes, she is distraught and frustrated thinking that this cant happen again, and that this time around, she cant be defeated by life yet again. she thinks only azad can save her now. Meanwhile, Azad sees latif passing and for a second, he loses his control, but then thinks that he would have to lock himself yet again. For fear of being seen, azad rushes hastily back in the room, just in time, when khan begum rushing herself from the opposite ends of the corridor, distrtaught, sees him going in. she thinks that azad is going to the attic, and that she shall have to talk to him before he reaches there. Azad inside, takes the carpet off, and then retreats to a secret compartment in the ground, and locks the door back again. She enters just then and finds the secret door locked from inside, and starts hollering for azad to listen to her and come out. She is shocked as she hears kainat’s voice, and quickly pulls the carpet back again. kainat comes tensedly, askinmg what she doing here and why was she calling azad. Khan begum remembers azad telling her, that he doesnt want anyone to know and that this secret should be between them, that he is more of an animal but less of a monster. He asks her to never reveal that he can live live normally, but by midnight, or on special nights, he cant control his thirst for human blood. She makes an excuse saying that she was talking to azad, but he just went to the kitchen to get milk for her. Kainat asks if she was talking about her only. Khan begum complies. kainat asks her not to worry, as she shall get it whenever she does. khan begum hugs her, while she is more alert about wanting to talk to azad. she asks kainat to go and sleep. She happily complies. After she is gone, khan begum thinks that now she can talk only in the morning, and wonders what shall happen now.

Down inside basement, azad stores himself every single child control the hunger, and that is raised at the time.

On the other hand, inside outhouse, mahira is still boggled as to what a unique animal your lover experienced inside jungles, and surfs by means of her father’s guides. Mahira scientific tests regarding odd massive pets, through her guide, and detects concerning the sort of which your lover experienced, they are blood vessels suking monsters. she’s astonished. Your woman considers of which your lover might have passed away, and just what can have occurred subsequently. Your woman affirms of which your lover doesnt require anoither colossal while your lover already provides one particular inside azad. inside a lighting hearted banter, your lover affirms that when as their pharmicudical counterpart is quizzical, an experienced individual needs to be contacted and her father’s guides and information perform the same on her inside her time period associated with dilemma. your lover thanks your pet after which it amounts off. Following your lover commences to snore, saira and bano evilly carry all of her information and also the guides, plotting to teach some sort of lesson to her, stating of which currently your lover would not necessarily manage to help Kainat. They will carry the guides after which it can burn it inside spend can, after which it evilly grin, even though mahira is blissfully lying down. They will feel that mahira stole the spotlight from their store, and tried to attract azad and amad, and today anytime your lover makes an attempt something such as of which again, she’d find repaid through these people similar to this. many people abandon, even though mahira is lying down, while her precious information burn off.

In khan begum’s area, latif and gazalla eyesight the burned flower, even though she’s distraught their self, while your lover pushes returning to the bedroom, in which your lover little brown eyes the kajnar flower that is burned, and considered ashes. latif points out of which possibly somebody hoodwinked her, and gazalla affirms of which possibly sanam gone and needed out many her powers in fact. Your woman affirms that people could sit, although not the particular woman of which she’s speaking about, while your lover plainly remembers of which day. Your woman goes into flashback, in which she’s inside severe agony, inside jungles, cursing sanam intended for death and in addition taking away her powers, that are torturing her each and every small. your lover out of the blue overhears a girl, seriously ornamented exactly who talks strangely, stating of which your lover retains on its way, and following your episode, your lover knowledgeable dark-colored wonder, then your lover started to be, Sardaare-ifreed, the double associated with bad. Khan begum begs her that can help her. Your woman remembers the way this specific woman had given her the idea of having this specific flower through special someone, similar to azad, and remembers of which your lover ended up being to meet a particular woman exactly who informed her to meet when your lover countries her little brown eyes about the flower. your lover thanks the lady proufsely, and when there’s something that your lover is able to do, she’d gladly acknowledge it. Khan begum is asked to become her disciple, and your lover enjoyably conforms. Khan begum remembers this specific many back, even though gazalla and latif tend to be amazed and your lover determines of which currently your lover might need to talk with her, why it got burned. Latif and gazalla question in which may this specific woman be. Your woman affirms of which your lover remains inside cemetery. latif and gazalla tend to be astonished, nevertheless abide by.

Picture a couple of:

Location: Graveyard

Khan begum arrives at the graveyard in conjunction with latif and gazalla who’re scared and frightened. She is agitated using their rants, and threatens these people that they shall be reprimanded if they chat any longer. As they arrive at a particular grave, your lover hollers in them to open up the grave, even though they’re astonished and distraught beyond perception. They will try their utmost, but it doesnt budge. Then out of the blue, the grave starts up alone, and latif and gazalla tend to be shit frightened. On the other hand, khan begum anticpatedly designer watches for the reason that grave starts up alone, unveiling a girl using her half included confront with all the dupatta, lying within it. Almost all astonished. Their exposed which the woman is Razia, that has her little brown eyes finished, while your lover becomes up. Khan begum in conjunction with gazalla and latif tend to be astonished. lastly, your lover starts up her little brown eyes, while khan begum little brown eyes her enjoyably along with substantial hopes. the monitor freezes on her behalf confront.

Precap: Razia says that there’s still hopes for redemption, even if the blue kajnar flower has burnt to ashes. she asks khan begum to keep the ashes in a circular vase. Khan begum listens intently. She continues that by the time the ashes disappear, they shall leave behind a fugurine of eight, and then khan begum would have to search for the girl who bears a figure like that. Meanwhile, mahira eyes herself in the mirror, and finds that same figure in the back of her neck. She is boggled. Khan begum is told by razia, that once she finds that girl, she would have to kill her, to be able to get back her powers. Razia says that the death of that girl is the only way of her sustenance. Khan begum is shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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