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Qubool Hai 1st December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
The priest asks ehsaan then about his compliance to the marriage, while granny desperately and in vain tries to get them to notice her presence under the food tray. begum is amused and smiles. ehsaan complies, and then the priest declares them man and wife. Ehsaan’s mother blesses and congratulates them on their marriage. Imi comes and then refers to begum as his mother. He then asks about granny, and they are tensed, but then decide that she must be around. meanwhile, a waiter catches notice of the noisy table and is shocked and flinches away seeing him. He gets down again and pulls off the gag, and then unties her completely. She rushes out gasping for breath. begum is shocked to see her, as granny approaches towards them. Imi rushes to her, and tells them of the marriage. They all smile, while begtum is tensed. begum rushes to granny and then emboldened by her powers, she hypnotises the granny. She says that she starts a new life, which she cant without her blessings and asks for them. Granny smiles and blesses them. As they are about to leave, the spell breaks and she mutters that she didnt want to say this, but begum casts the spell again and she hugs begum, who is relieved even though angry at her still.

Later, begum goes to freshen up, when someone congratulates her and its another on of her, who congratulates her on getting these powers back, but asks if she knows these are temporary. she says that she knows. She is then told that then she would know, that whenever she uses her powers, then for an hour, she wont be able to see anything and be blind for an hour. Begum is shocked as it starts working and she finds everything dark around her. begum comes outside, slightly tensed and worried, as she tries to make her way through darkness, and almost collides into the corners of the table. He rushes to catch her, and asks if she is hurt. She denies. He guides her slowly to the bed and then makes her sit, while he tries to get physically intimate with her, as she gets tensed. Imi comes and demands that he shall sleep with them. Ehsaan tells that they are tired. imi gets sad. Begum instead calls him, and then asks him if he wouldnt want to sleep with his new mother. ehsaan doesnt say anything. Begum lies down with Imi, and then ehsaan lies down resignedly too.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
mahira says that she is disgusted with her belief in him and says that she shall never forgive him, and rushes down. He eyes her tensedly and then gets frustrated at his failure, remembering how he had planned it all meticulously right from the start, to put the disguise of a decent, good mannered man. he says that he got caught today, but the game isnt over yet, and that now he shall enjoy the game, and then win it, to get it over.

mahira meanwhile eyes the moon, in tears, and wonders why this happened to her, as she had with great difficulty moved over the past and agreed to go ahead into the future with armaan, and now she shall never be able to trust or love anyone ever again. She feels a comforting hand on her shoulder which is actually Armaan. she turns around and faces him angrily, and shoves his hand away. He says that he understands her hatred for him, as its true, that he hated her from the beginning, but then things changed and he actually fell in true love, and he didnt even realise that. she eyes him tensedly. She remembers his confession of love to mahira, begum and azad too on numerous occassions. He says that if he was wrong, why would he risk his life for saving hers. she stands boggled and confused, as he tries to convince her. She tells him that greedy people like him can even bet their life to get victory, but love isnt a game, but a pious feeling, based on trust not selfish motives. she begins to go, but he holds her back. he says that he knows he isnt wrong, and his love is true, and now he shall convert his hatred with the fullest faith and belief. She leaves. he says that she shall have to love him, as he wouldn force her to do so.

Downstairs, as latif and gazalla continue to try and engage the priest, mahira comes down and tells them to let him go, as there wont be any marriage. Armaan comes and says that he wont go anywhere as this marriage shall happen. they both face other tensedly. she comes and takes the sehra and throws it on the floor, and tells him that love cant be forced, but genuinely felt, and she knows his true self, and she wont accept him as her husband. he eyes her angrily. kainat is tensed. The guests are confused. Armaan comes to mahira and picks up the sehra. Armaan tells mahira that within 24 hours, she shall herself make him wear the sehra, and in front of everyone, accept his hand in marriage, with her total free will and if it doesnt happen, then he would do whatever is needed to prove, even change his name. An angry mahira says that the world may go topsy turvy but she wont marry him. Mahira says that he should search for a name then. She leaves the altar, while he stands watching her tensedly. All the guests and family members are shocked.

In her room, Mahira sits in front of the dressing table, remembering armaan’s betrayal and then takes off her bangles and breaks into incoherent crying.

As armaan paces, mahira comes across, and then he says that there’s still some time for their marriage. She tells him that time wont change if he keeps nudging it to. Mahira confronts armaan yet again and says that she wont marry him at any cost and asks him to stop day dreaming. He asks her to believe him, as his record has been perfect, and he is sure that in the next 22 hours, she shall agree for marriage with him. She asks him not to dream so big, as when they break, it causes great pain. The screen freezes on his amused face.

Precap: Mahira asks armaan where is sameer as he was to marry kainat, and the time is passing by, and that kainat is getting irritated. Armaan tells her that he is safe. she asks him to get sameer here. he tells that the money with which she bought smaeer and got him to agree for the marriage, he gave him double the amount to refrain from doing so. She is shocked. He places the condition before her that if she wants to see kainat marrying sameer, then she would have to marry him first. She is outraged.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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