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Qubool Hai 17th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Kashmir
Mahira laments at her marriuage with armaan, that he is always teasing her, and she is an idiot to believe them. She gets a call from the kidnapper again, who tries to bring out the severity of the situation, while she thinks that this is all a joke. when armaan hears her opnion, he is shocked. the kidnapper says that they are pretending to be a perfect couple, whereas the truth he hismelf knows. He says that he shall cut armaan and send it into pieces. she is scared as she thinks its genuine. she then tells him not to hurt armaan, and decides to give 5 crores, to the designated address, and also agrees not to call the police. Armaan stands tensedly. He asks the kidnapper to do whatever deal it is with him, as his wife wouldnt come. mahira is shocked that this is a genuine threat. She wonders who knows armaan here and how did anyone know that he is going to be here. the manager comes with a bouquet and then presents her the same, saying that it came for her. She is boggled. he then asks about armaan, and she lies that he went out for important work. She asks the location of address of the kidnapper from the manager, and is told that its a distance of an hour from here and he can take her there if she so wishes. She denies and says that she shall manage. With the bouquet, she finds her ring, that she had given back to him, with a message asking her not to be oversmart as they have their eye on every move of hers.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny is apalled to see farida on the floor, lying stunned and motionless. She rushes to her, while begum is shocked too, as she eyes her in a rage. granny rushes out. Meanwhile, ehsaan’s call rings and granny comes there, and finds him tied, and releases him, while screaming that the evil sprit hurt farida. He is shocked to know that she killed farida, and granny is too scared and doesnt let him go, while chanting hymns. begum meanwhile is tensed to see farida dead, scared that her killing shall make her strip away her powers, by the witch’s community. she gets frustrated, that her identity might be out in the open, and wonders what to do with the dead body. The police bang on the door, and demand to be allowed in. begum is apalled as to what she should do. she says that this cant be, as she cant accept defeat. Then she starts injuring herself bearing the pain. she then pretends to open the door in great pain. She thanks them that they came, as she would have been murdered otherwise. The inspector asks who caused this and whats the matter. she says that she only placed the call to ask them to come. She says that her husband and his mother wanted to kill her. The police asks the constables to search the entire house. Begum gets tensed and says that this isnt necessary, as she knows where the culprit are. He says that they have to collect evidence and hence search the entire house. They leave. begum is scared that they might see the body. farida’s body meanwhile isnt where it was supposed to be.

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Written Update By Rimjhim


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