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Qubool Hai 15th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Kashmir
As armaan gets ready, the manager comes in with champagne, and chocolate cake, along with mahira, saying that they value their business reltions with such a wonderful man. He is boggled. She says that her husband is a wonderful business partner, and a better life partner, and she is lucky to have him, as he even takes care of the servants of the family. She asks them, to think that if he loves other people so much, then how much must he be loving his wife, and thanks them profusely for their generous hospitality. The manager tells them that they wish to take their pic, so that they can put it up on their walls for others to know that mahira and armaan were here. mahira thanks for their behalf, as they are indeed making it memorable. She then finds her fav cocolate cake. As they are about to cut it, their pic is clicked, while armaan complies non-resignedly. She teases him further engaging in canoodling gestures, while he is irritated. she then thanks the manager and his team for this. The manager tells mahira and armaan, that they have planned a tour for them, through the city, especially lover’s point. She is highly excited at the prospect, and turns to find armaan gleaming, and understands that he is upto something. before he can comply, she cuts him short, saying that they cant go, as he isnt well, since he gets allergy on eating cake. Armaan fumes. after they are gone, he asks why did she send them away. She says that she needs to take care of him, and it was clear that he didnt want to go, and was about to publicly humiliate her, hence she stopped him the effort. he says that she knows he isnt hurt at all. She comments that she knows him too well now. She then amusingly adds that such surprises shall make their honeymoon memorable, and now its his turn. reciprocating her taunt, he says that he shall do something, that shall blow her mind away.

As its a celebratory evening, with bonfires, Mahira comes and is welcomed by the manager, and he asks about armaan. She says that he would join them shortly. She thinks that armaan would never understand the importance of this relationship and wouldnever come. but to her surprise, she finds him walking towards her. the manager makes him sit with her, while she amusingly tries to get close and romantic with him. A belly dancer starts off the romantic evening, and as she gyrates, armaan, merely to irk mahira, joins in with her, with her suggestive moves. mahira eyes them tensedly. The lights go off, and mahira comes, back in light, dressed as a belly dancer, with the veil across her mouth. oblivious to her plan, he plays along as if the belly dancer is with him. They perform a sensual number together. all clap and applaud as the dancer number ends, and he is boggled to find that the dancer he was dancing with was mahira. They all congratulate the couple of their fresh romance and being the cutest couple. She teases him about her performance, while he clutches her tightly to himself, and then tells that its really nice.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan arrives back home, to find begum sleeping on the bed. He is unable to take his eyes off, as he eyes her lovingly, and then caresses the cheek. she wakes up startled and alarmed, while he is taken aback. She asks when he returned. He turns away, saying that he just came. She stops him and asks whats the matter as he seems tensed and worried. he says that he wants to know whats the matter, as relations cant be forcibly enforced, and maybe thats what she feels like, and hence if she wishes to go, then she can. She says that its nothing like that, as she doesnt wish to go anywhere. he says that love cant be expressed, and sometimes words arent needed too, and points out that they havent even consummated their relationship so far, and even though he gave her the time she needed, she never made a move. He says that he called her innumerous times, when he was gone, but she never responded back even once, and asks if she didnt miss him at all. begum gets irritated, and says that she missed him so much, but didnt speak, intentionally, as she knew if she had talked, she would have been more restless, and that it was equally traumatic for her too, and even if she cant say anything, she feels missing out on physical intimacy, and she is too alarmed at the sudden happiness that they have been bestowed with. She says that she wont wait anymore. he is boggled and asks what he means. She says that tonight they shall start their new life. He confesses his love and she reciprocates too. Thy hug each other, while she thinks that she cant make this idiot understand that if she gets physical with him, she shall lose her powers.

Later, when ehsaan gets in his room, he finds the room romantically set for their consummation of the marriage, as he comes and finds the blanket drawn on the bed. As he opens it, he finds begum lying underneath, and caresses her, while she looks at him lovingly. he then leans into kiss her, and she shys off.

Later, begum talks to farida, saying that ehsaan has just returned and is already back to his work, and leaves tp get him juice. Farida comments that she is so caring. Begum leaves. Meanwhile, from the bed, begum comes out, and opens the door, to find begum standing on the door, amd then the begum in the bedroom comes in her true form, and its a different witch. As she is amused, begum asks if the work is done, aand she complies. then she shuts the door. begum again opens the door and then drops the juice pretending to be shocked while the lady gets away from ehsaan’s side from the bed, horrified as well. Begum asks ehsaan how could he, as he wakes up from his sleep, while farida walks in and is shocked to see this too. He is shocked to see the other woman, claiming that he doesnt know her. he says that he didnt do anything. she is aghast and asks how could he do this, and if all the love and faith was all wrong. he vehemently denies, but she tells him to ask farida if she was in the kitchen with her the whole time, and farida testifies. He is shocked and begs them to understand. the other girl says that she was here and on the bed too. he says that he doesnt know who is she and where she came from. she says thats immaterial, and asks why did he betray her like that. farida is apalled. She tells him that what he did with her was wrong, and that he shall see her hatred from this day onwards. She walks out.

Scene 3:
Location: Kashmir, Hotel
Armaan gets mahira in his arms, back to the bed, while she tells him that this isnt needed. he asks her if she doesnt know how much he loves her. she says that she knows him well, and that right now, he wont leave any instance to insult her. he eyes her tensedly. She says that she knows his plan, about getting an extra woman, to irritate her. But he says that today isnt about squabbling but to feel the love. He takes off her shoes, caressingly, and asks her if she thought, he would desert her on their first honeymoon night. He tells her that tonight they shall not fight, but shall do that, which is normal for eevery honeymoon couple. She is tensed. he caresses her face, while she doesnt understand what he wants. She says that she is his wife, and he has a right, and asks if he remembers his Meher amount for her. He stands up eyeing her lovingly. He lays her on the bed, and then lies atop her, while she is tensed, but desperately tries to hide it. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As mahira sits on the bed, with the lights off and with her nightgown on, he comes in baretorsoed, and gets atop her, trying to be romantic and physically intimate while she awkwardly plays along. Armaan records this on video, and then hollers to her, while she is shocked, to find a stranger in bed with her, while armnaan shoots this all on video from a distance.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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