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Qubool Hai 14th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence

Khan begum is tensed to receive back again in your house, in time. As the prayer service is in excess of, she comes inside of, just when the doorway opens, and all girls go. mahira sees them off, and feels that someone just arrived in, but isnt capable to see khan begum’s soul. Her soul is nonetheless very agitated on the Ladies leaving, when she rushes out to look for that Female, with 7 minutes remaining. But as she goes out, she appears again inside, and yet again finds mahira with he rback in the direction of her, and conversing with four other girls, which is amazed to find out that Particular figure on her again. Azad will come within khan begum’s room, and afterwards is stunned to seek out her dead entire body, and is horrified and distraught, rambling that she cant do this, and just because she didnt have faith in him ample that he could get her to own her powers back again. He miracles how could she get rid of herself And just how could she depart him alone. In the meantime, khan begum comes In the property, and afterwards finds mahira with her again exposed. she moves ahead to learn who’s the Woman. Just then, azad spots his hand about the dagger to tug it out. he requires it out, and instantly her soul lets out a scream, as it disappears and usually takes it spot back in her entire body. azad is completely boggled, as she wakes up inquiring who pulled the dagger out. she’s visibly upset at getting misplaced the girl scarcely by a handful of seconds. he asks her to inform whats the make any difference though she asks him to shut up as she shall reveal afterwards. She rushes out, and finds the same Woman heading out, with two other ladies. she reaches out to her, but finds that it isnt the identical individual, as she doesnt provide the mark. they aare surprised. she would make an excuse after which rushes again within. kainat finds her such as this, and wonders whats boggling her. Even mahira, who is donning the identical apparel, and is also coming out with the kitchen area is tensed to see her such as this.

In her room, khan begum sits tensed, as amad comes in, and she thinks that its azad and suggests that she doesnt really feel like chatting at this time. He identifies himself, and states that azad getting restless, is headed for the farmhouse, indefinitely, as he often does, when he is upset. he then asks her to provide him notice, for one day atleast, as its his birthday. she asks him to go, as she isnt in the temper at this time. Kainat is available in and asks her if she’s alright. Amad commences taking part in victim that everyone is cared for aside from him. She asks him to leave. He does so angrily. kainat calms her down and asks her to take it easy when she sets up the foodstuff for her, after which she can relaxation. Right after she leave,s khan begum vents out her irritation on the bedsheets, ripping them aside, that she risked all the things, even her life, but nonetheless couldnt get that Lady. She miracles how to get to the girl as she of course observed her. Khan begum realises that there’s anything thats very acquainted about her. She attempts to bear in mind particular person, and thinks that she would need to go back to that 2nd to understand. she revisits her memory, then coming close to that Woman, she areas her hand on mahira, and she or he turns all around, looking at who begum is stunned. She thinks which the Woman she’s searching for so prolonged, is in this quite dwelling, to be a maid merely. she is simply too stunned. She arrives down speeding wondering exactly where did she go. She queries for mahira frantically.

Downstairs, when mahira is scrubbing the dining desk, she Virtually collides into azad, who goes out together with his duffel bag. She asks in which is he going. He asks her to not bother, as Every time he receives offended and restless, all realize that he goes on the farmhouse. She asks if its the a person outside of the jungles. he complies. she question when would he return, and says that he doesnt know. He leaves. she thinks that folks react like that when they are sad, and he as well appears to be tensed. but then miracles why is she so apprehensive for him. She wonders why would she be bothered. Amad will come and begins to flirt out together with her, demanding for his favorite food for the birthday. She claims that azad appeared upset and is nervous for him. He receives irritated that almost everywhere people think of azad only. She suggests that she cares about him, but then provides that azad is like a coconut, and he isnt as he would seem really hard and tough. He gets upset and asks her to go and make what he likes then. he leaves. she’s tensed.

Inside the kitchen, whilst mahira is Doing the job, latif will come and states that azad didnt eat everything and it is leaving as well. mahira is set to pack meals for him and provides it to him. she does so, and rushes out to offer him. Unintentionally, when azad gets his car out in the garage, mahira rushes out with foods for him, and then accidentally collides into a pebble, which leads to her to shed stability, and falls inside the dickey of the vehicle, hitting her head using a concussion and heading unconscious. The dickey closes, as he measures out to take action and azad obliviously drives off with mahira in the car. Just then, khan begum will come out and wonders where by is she, as noone can save her now.

Scene 2:
Site: To the road
Azad stops the vehicle, getting experienced a flat tyre. He’s tensed that he would have to get to the farmhouse ahead of the moon arrives out. he seems for tyre within the dickey, then finds mahira having the food. He’s disappointed and irritated at her remaining on his nerves all the time. She starts off conveying and he receives additional bored. she will come out. He finds that they’ve got a flat tyre, and no stephany. she points out the plain as to how they might go now, given that These are caught midway. she asks how would they get to the farmhouse. he begins walking on the highway, clear of her, and she too follows soon after him, enraging him much more. he asks why is she pursuing him, and she asks what e=other possibility does she have, and perhaps if she had, she would prefer to be Safe and sound with him. She asks how can he issue her like this, as she imagined he was a gentleman, and these types of persons wont at any time depart, a straightforward, harmless, helpless, attractive and clever Woman, lonely to the street.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum attempts to blackmail saira and bano, about mahira’s whereabouts, luring them with fantastic food stuff but keeping them away. They vehemently deny which they dont Have a very clue. Amad much too will come and claims the maids are truthful, and noone is familiar with wherever mahira is. he leaves for his date bash. Khan begum is tensed. she carries on to torture the maids, by giving them an iota of your delicacies ready. They hurry immediately after her. Khan begum wonders in which could this Lady be, and thinks that she would call for exterior assist to look the Female now. The monitor freezes on her and mahira’s faces.

Precap: In the barn, azad is tensed, as mahira starts singing, slightly inebriated. she trips and falls right in azad’s arms. they both eye each other romantically, azad with his caring and loving look. later in the night, he hears mahira screaming desperately for help, and comes inside the barn, and is shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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