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Qubool Hai 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Locale: Ahil’s home
Shaad stands inside the corridor boggled, regarding how sanam is usually married, but expend the wedding night time with him in its place. He thinks that she’s merely ahil’s prized possession, lying securely with him, and consequently he cant abuse it. he decides to offer sedatives to sanaam to ensure that she sleeps in the evening, and apologises to her in his intellect, that he inevitably has no solution but To accomplish this. He commences to wander, eyeing the meds in his hands. The brand new bride hears this from the distance and is particularly furious.Although shaad is strolling, gazalla and latif appear to stop him, with senseless banter about some ritual. They keep him fast paced, whilst The brand new bride alerts at them to maintain him hectic and engaged. they comply, then leave, once they get their get the job done carried out, and tamper While using the meds in his arms, and replacxe it with Various other meds.

In her space, nazia waits for saif, whilst just then, shashi arrives and asks if she is upset that saif intentionally gave the saree to that new bride, and after that will take the blame on herself, saying that it was her mistake. nazia is relieved and thanks her for unburdening her. Shashi asks her to keep this to herrself, Which she assures nazia that she wont at any time face any difficulty in her care. Saif cwalks in, and shashi and he start a charade when she asks him to consider excellent treatment of her and he swears that he shall generally retain nazia content. shashi blesses them both of those being delighted, after which usually takes their depart. naZia then tells saif, that she wishes to start out afresh forgetting every little thing frm the past. he offers an excellent response that he would try and be the ideal spouse, Which commences today, and offers her a glass of milk. she suggests that she doesnt feel like. He receives tensed, and requests her to do so, for his sake. She complies, and gulps it down.

In her home, The brand new bride thinks that when a single door closes, the opposite opens, Which right after shaad and sanam’s wedding evening consummation today, shaad and ahil’s friendship shall be about. She lies down, then feels one thing relocating beside. she turns close to in horror, and lets out a mini yelp, as she finds that its saif, who gave sedatives to nazia,. to be Along with the new bride, on his weddiong night, as he had promised that he would. she’s tensed, even though He’s all lusty and seductive. She thinks that he gave nazia sleeping products though shaad obliviously gave sanam other meds.

Meanwhile, shaad provides sanam meds, declaring that she cant skip them, even though she reluctantly hesitates, but then offers in, when He’s stern. He’s tensed as she eats the meds. He says that he would just occur. As he leaves, sanam sits tensedly. An intoxicated and sensual sanam engages shaad intimately, who’s stunned and boggled that she didnt slumber as planned, and it is rather to the street to the consummation of her relationship with him, that under no circumstances happened. Eventually, with him over the mattress, she doses off in addition to him. He sites her about the bed, and caresses her encounter, as she lies in deep slumber, oblivious that its staying recorded and watches Dwell by gazalla and latif within their room. As they find that shaad has set her to sleep, gazalla rushes hurriedly to the new bride’s place, which is shocked, any time a bare torsoed saif opens the doors, angrily. gazalla is amused. the new bride reprimands her was to whats the condition now. Gazalla tells that sanam slept along with her meds, and she is boggled.

Shaad arrives out with the space, and finds the new bride taunting him, for obtaining fulfilled his assure to ahil, and smirks concerning what kind of a person he is, that he’s providing his coronary heart away on a platter to ahil, and he or she knows that ahil wont have the ability to reunite with sanam. he asks her to stay awau from your couple, because they are supposed to be. He walks ahead, though she says that ahil and sanam shall part strategies, as well as their romance shall crack, and this get the job done, he shall do for him. The new sanam tells shaad that she needs a little favour from him, and he has to make it happen, and blackmails him by displaying her intimate pics with him, when she laced his drink with sedative. He is shocked. The monitor freezes on his stunned encounter.

Precap: Inside the room, shaad is requested by The brand new bride to make sounds of laughter and after that kissing, and he distraughtedly complies, as a result of flowing tears. Ahil stands outdoors the door. Ahil is stunned as he receives the incorrect concept exterior. the new bride is amused.

Written Update By Sahir


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