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Qubool Hai 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence

Khan begum is stunned as she finds mahira lying close to the lifeless physique, trying to find the specs. Mahira will get up but in not able to see everything, and grabs blindly for her specs, and finally finds them. She finds her bracelet consequently, after which you can her specs too. she wipes them Obviously, after which wears them again. as she turns, she doesnt obtain any person there. She wonders if there’s everyone there but noone responds. she miracles how the bracelet attained there, and who was it who came property in soaked garments, after which you can disappeared. she helps make her way back again to your home. khan begum, hiding behind a special tree, is relieved not to be witnessed, but tensed that she misplaced Yet one more probability, to notice that special Female.

The following early morning, Whilst all are in the corridor, amad tells Anyone, about that Woman’s disappearance because very last evening, and displays the last selfie that he clicked together with her on the party. khan begum includes gazalla and latif tensedly, shocked as she remembers the murder. he states that he didnt know her that properly. She asks him never to be tensed, clarifying that she was in her home, as she had a headache. She asks him not to worry, as she have to have experienced a hangover. mahira asks if she will be able to see this Photograph, and when she does, she appears to be at khan begum knowingly, and she is frightened much too of mahira’s reaction now. Mahira recognises the bracelet, that she obtained from the back garden, which she has become wearing. khan begum asks mahira how she acquired the bracelet. She responds that she obtained it during the backyard garden, and there was some Woman, who she couldnt see Obviously, and it is about to explain to that its her. but in advance of that, khan begum claims that it need to have surely been that Woman, who should have attained home by now. Mahira is nervous, even though she is requested to resume back again to her chores. Khan begum thinks that she might need killed the incorrect girl, but she is certain that she observed the correct Woman within the party very last evening, and thinks that she would have to Look at the many invitees yesterday to acquire to that Woman. she says that she would visit any size and fork out any price tag for it.

Scene 2:
Site: Razia’s hideout
Razia asks if she realises what khan begum is going to do. She eyes her hair, wilting away, and thinks that she will do nearly anything to defeat Demise, and is ready to pay any cost to be alive. Razia warns but she is simply too certain. Razia arms her a wood box, and claims the evil spirits shall assist her. Khan begum suggests that now noone can help you save the Particular Lady. She smiles evilly.

Scene three:
Area: Khan begum’s home
In her place, kainat asks mahira if she is certain, and mahira suggests that she is totally confident. kainat claims that she continues to be tensed, as its amad’s birthday, and also khan begum doesnt know. Mahira states that she wont deny her even when she will get to grasp. she manages to convince kainat to carry out what she would like her to perform.

Khan begum enters her room, rapidly, confident that noone observed her coming within, and douses the lights in order that noone appreciates she’s inside of. she lights a candle, and thinks which the evil spirit that she has currently can lead her to try and do factors unimaginable to Every person. She opens the box, to expose a shining dagger. she can take it out and then stabs herself while in the chest with it, as she remembers razia demonstrating her the dagger, and telling her that when its touches her system, she would die, and for quarter-hour, her soul can go any place for the following quarter-hour, through which she will be able to go any place where she Generally cant, and when quarter-hour are over, she shall return again in her system as being the dagger arrives out, in addition to warns that if she delays getting the dagger more than 15 minutes, then she wont be able to reenter her system, and shall for good wander close to for a lonely soul. she stands stunned and afterwards falls on the bottom, Together with the dagger in her chest. her soul gets up from the body. her soul says that she didnt just area a guess, but placed her entire everyday living over a guess, Which immediately after 15 minutes, she really should return back to her physique, and During this time, she would possibly get her Particular Woman, or else she shall turn into a lone, wandering soul for good. she goes previous the door, and walks down the stairs. Amad will come up and moves past her, as he isnt in the position to see her. she is amused, after which you can goes down. She finds latif, gazalla and kainat, all are struggling to see her, and is also self-assured of your achievement of her strategy. she walks previous them. kainat thinks that she felt another person just passed by and asks if any person felt it. Nonetheless they deny. She then finds a group of ladies, with mahira, and wonders whats taking place and who’re they. She suggests that she doesnt have enough time to squander, and moves out. but then she will come back shocked all over again, as she finds the Specific figure on the back, whilst mahira stands. she is amused thinking that destiny is overly favourable for her, as the Female she is seeking, has herself walked in the lap of Loss of life. she begins progressing, seeking to make her way with the group, to acquire into the Female. but stops shocked, as she finds that a lady includes the Holy Quran, and wonders who bought this prayer sermon arranged. All sit down for the prayer services to begin, while she will get tensed and uncomfortable, as she hears the holy chant, feels the opening smoke, that makes the whole ecosystem pious. Kainat sits to pray much too. her soul is thrown away, mainly because of the influence of your holy spirits, outside the home, and the doorways shut. She is unable to open the doors, as she’s thrown away all over again. Khan begum is extremely tensed and nervous, that her overall body lies inside, which she really should get to, and he or she stands outside, given that the doorways are shut, exceptionally certain that she observed that Exclusive girl. she wonders how to proceed.

In his place, azad laments in the everyday living that he has long been presented, which is incredibly disgusting, and that he life in constant worry that if he tries to get also close to to anyone, they usually know the real reality, then it shall develop substantial problems. He thinks that all he wanted was to treatment kainat’s fingers with that flower, but he failed in that much too. he feels defeated and depressed about his condition. He is tensed that he often needs to are in solitudes. azad goes out in the room, and walks within the corridor.

Outdoors, khan begum finds saira and bano coming toward your house, through the outhouse, to go In the mansion. She thinks that this is the ideal time, as she will go within With all the both equally of these. But they start pondering that within its going to be tedious as a result of sermon and marvel no matter if to go in or not. they make your mind up which they dont want to operate, and return. They leave. Khan begum is pissed off. khan begum stands irritated and furious within the delay, that if she doesnt enter the home, she would drop almost everything permanently. The display freezes on her disappointed, mahira’s pious and azad’s nervous face.

Precap: Azad comes inside khan begum’s room, and then is shocked to find her dead body, and is horrified and distraught, rambling that she cant do this, and how could she leave him alone. meanwhile, khan begum comes inside the house, and then finds mahira with her back exposed. she moves forward to find out who’s the girl. Just then, azad places his hand on the dagger to pull it out.

Written Update By Sahir


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