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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 7th December 2015 Written Update

Naina shows manipulated video to Hooda family. Bade papa and badi maa ask Preet why did she do this. Preet says this is manipulated video and she saw Bilal and Nain hugging each other, so she slapped Naina and asked her to tell truth to everyone. She says Bilal is under Naina’s pressure and is keeping quiet, but he loves Trisha now. Bilal stands silently and Trisha asks why is she dragging Bilal in this. Preet asks Sid if even he does not trust her. He says he does not know what to say and asks why did she slap Naina. He asks Naina why did not she inform her before. Naina says he believes his bhaiya/bhabhi as god, so she did not want to break his trust. He apologizes her on Preet’s behalf.

Ishan says Sid he will not apologize and asks Preet to apologize. Preet says when she has not any mistake, she will not. He asks if she slapped Naina or not. She says she slapped Naina like a sister as she does not want her to spoil Sid’s life. He says she is jealous of Meghna and is feeling insecure, so she does not want Meghna’s sister here. Preet says he is thinking wrong. Ishan insists to apologize and she says she will not when she is not wrong and walks out to her room.

Ishan follows Preet to her room and asks her to stop crying as he cannot see her crying. She says when he does not trust her at all, then he should not be worried at all. She cannot see anyone harming her family and cannot see Naina spoiling Sid and Trisha’s lives. He says she herself accepted that she slapped Naina and did wrong. She says what if someday she knows that he is not Ishan, then she will die in distrust. He continues shouting. She says let us apologize then. He asks then she is apologizing for him and not by heart. She asks when he knows that why is he asking. He starts again, but gets Atif’s call and leaves.

Shergill with his men wait outside Hooda house for Ishan. His officer says Ishan is calling to a single number often. Shergill says Hooda family has a special friendship with military and knows military secrets and if Ishan is involved in something, then their country is in danger. Ishan gets into car and leaves just then and Shergill starts following him again.

Preet comes down and apologizes bade papa, badi maa, Naina and Bilal. She tells Naina that she should not have slapped her and asks her to apologize her like a sister. Badi maa says Preet realized her mistake, so Naina should forgive Preet. Neeti starts her jokergiri and asks Naina to defreeze. Badi maa asks what is that. Neeti says it is serial shooting’s code word and explains…. Naina acts as forgiving Preet. Trisha asks Bilal to forgive Preet now. Preet also apologizes again. Bade papa also asks Bilal to forgive Preet and drop this issue right now. Bilal nods yes.

Precap: Neeti tells Preet that she wants to expose Naina and knows when Preet bhabi will not slap anyone without a reason. Ishan finds transmitter under his car and thinks he is being followed even now.

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