Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv
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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 5th November 2015 Written Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Ishan meets terrorist who tells that baba wants him to finish his mission within one year and return back to his country and people. He says he saw howmuch Preet loves him when attacked him wearing mask the other day (terrorist attack in jungle). Ishan reminisces incident. Terrorist says Preet loves Ishan Hooda and not Rizwan Ahmed Khan. Ishan leaves sadly. Terrorist laughs and informs Sana that Indian army did not kill Ishan’s parents and his organisation makes innocent children like Ishan terrorists by brainwashing. Sana asks if he really means Indians did not kill Ishan’s parents. Terrorist says no, neither India nor his country likes to fight, but their organisation wants them to fight for its benefit. Sana asks what are her orders. He says she should remind Ishan repeatedly that he is Rizwan Ahmed Khan and not Ishan Hooda and remind how Indian army killed his family.

Ishan travels towards home in his car and reminisces terrorist’s words. He reaches home. Preet comes and he scolds her for complaining against terrorist, what if he harms her, he prays terrorist is not found. She prays terrorist is found as she does not want anyone face her or his fate. He asks her to tell what happened with her. She says she will tell later.

Neeti’s children get into her room to call her, see her sound alseep, and play loud music near her ears. She goes deaf and asks them to speak. He speak loudly, but she cannot hear anything. She then goes to hall and sees family enjoying kheer and asks why did not they call her. Badi maa says she sent her children. Neeti says she cannot hear anything and starts munching kheer. Kuku gets happy seeing this and loudly tells he is very fat. Dadi asks him to take Neeti to ENT doc tomorrow morning. He says he will, but till then he will enjoy his life. He enters room and tells Neeti that she is very fat, looks like brinjal when she wears purple dress, badmouths about her food, dressing style, etc.. She thinks he is praising her and thinks he loves her so much.

Whole family sits for dinner and pray god Trisha must not have prepared dinner. Preet brings food and they all relax. Kuku again starts badmouthing Neeti and she thinks he is praising her. Preet says it is bad. Kuku in SRK style says mujhe jeelene do apni zindagi till he takes her to ENT doc in the morning. Ishan and Bade papa also join him and start badmouthing about wives. Badi maa reminds how ladies went on strike and taught them lesson once. Bade papa jokes he respects women and starts joking again. Badi maa and all ladies leave without having dinner.

Ishan follows Preet and says he was just joking. She says she did not like it. He asks to tell her story now. She hears thunderstorm and goes to balcony to take out drying clothes and slips. Ishan tries to get her up. She gets panic attack reminiscing terrorist raping her and shouts to get away from her and runs. He asks what happened and tries to touch her, but she continues shouting to leave her as it is her marriage today. Once she relaxes, he asks if her past is related to her marriage. She says yes and tells story about her small family with father, mother and brother and her engagement with her best friend who is in Indian army. Her fiance goes on a war at border and comes to attend marriage on 3-4 days leave. She reminisces her mother pampering her while she gets ready for marriage and then suddenly they both hear people shouting outside. A lady tells mom tells that terrorists have atttacked them and her husband and son are already dead. Mom falls unconscious. Terrorists kill everyone and one of them rapes her.

Preet carries on that terrorists ruined her existence and killed her full spouse and children. He asks who was her fiance. She states captain Vikranth singh and terrorists attacked on their own boss Baba’s purchase. Ishan is stunned to listen to Baba’s name and him killing Vikranth. When she leaves, he thinks if Preet will know he is part of that team, she’s going to dislike him.

Ishan goes again to Sana’s home. She opens door and tells terrorists Rizwan has arrive. Ishan retains terrorist’s collar and asks why did they get rid of innocent individuals when their mission was to get rid of captain Vikrant. Terrorist states killing innocent people is Indian’s character and never theirs. Ishan asks who misbehaved with Ladies that night time. Terrorist asks why is he questioning right after five years. Ishan says another person misbehaved along with his wife Preet and killed her complete household. He reminisces happening that mission and baba and terrorists getting into into Preet’s home inquiring him to protect outdoors.

Precap: Ishan states terrorist he will not be portion in their mission until finally he knows its information. Terrorist asks if He’s combating with them for Hooda’s. Ishan says they are his loved ones. Terrorist says These are Ishan’s family and not Rizwan’s.

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