Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Preet thinks she is sure Shergill is wrong and Ishan will not serve her food mixed with sedative. Ishan eats that food and feels uneasy.

Trisha tells Bilal’s mother that she does not want to insult her for Bilal’s mistake and walks out from here. Mother sadly walks. Neeti stops her and says she knows only Bilal can keep Trisha happy and they should try to reunite them. Kuku asks then why was talking against Bilal in front of Neeti. Neeti says Trisha would not have seen her face if she had talked in Bilal’s favor.

Ishan goes to washroom, calls Sana and says he took that food to stop Preet doubting him and asks her to be in OT. Sana scolds him for risking his life. He then goes out and falls on bed writhing in pain. Preet gets concerned and calls manager and asks what did they mix in food, her husband got food poisoning. Manager calls doc and ambulance and rushes Ishan to OT.

Shergill checks Preet’s movement on transmitter and does not find movement. He says his assistant that Ishan must have done something and he should go there and check.

At OT, Ishan wakes up after treatment and asks how is Preet. Sana who is present there as doc says he is concerned about Preet more than himself and their mission. Doc enters and she scolds him to go and check other patients and sends. Preet waits outside and asks nurse how is Ishan. Nurse asks her to finish admission formalities and pay fees. Preet insists to see Ishan first, but nurse does not permit her.

Trisha with Neeti goes to Bilal’s office and gets jealous seeing a secretary candidate flirting with him.

Ishan and Sana walk out of OT wearing masks. Preet stops them and asks how is her husband. Ishan gets tensed.

Precap: Shergill comes to hospital and tells Preet that Ishan planned and escaped. Preet says he is in OT with food poisoning. He says it is his plan.

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