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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Doc checks Sid and informs Bade papa and Badi maa that Sid needs to take rest. Bade maa asks Preet if Ishan called back. Preet says no and his phone is also off, so sheis thinking of going to Panchameshwar. Badi maa says then she should go, she will take care of Kavya. Preet leaves in car with driver.

Trisha with Neeti and Kuku meets lawyer to cancel Bilal’s partnership. Bilal’s mom asks Trisha to forgive Bilal. Neeti says whatever Bilal did is unforgivable. Lawyer says if they cancel partnership, they will incur huge losses and should continue for at least 1 year to recover them and even exit clause is not included. Trisha says she does not need money and just needs to get rid of Bilal. Neeti says it is her hard earned money and says Bilal he cleverly did not add exit clause in agreement. Bilal says he did not want to separate from Tisha, so he did not add exit clause.

Preet reaches Panchameshwar in her car and thinks where to find Ishan. She calls Ishan’s office and asks Ishan’s hotel name. Receptionist says booking is not made. She goes to a hotel and asks receptionist to check if Ishan has booked room. Receptionist checks and says no.

Ishan is busy planning his mission with Sana. Sana comments that for the first time he is working as Rizwan and forgot he is Ishan Hooda. She suggests him to call Preet. He hesitantly switches on phone and sees many calls and messages from Preet. He calls Badi maa who tells that Sid got injured and Preet went to Parameshwar to return his wallet. Ishan shouts that Preet never lies and he doubted her, he has to be with his family but is stuck here. Sana says he is Rizwan and is just using Ishan’s cover name.

Shergill meets Preet and their argument starts. He says she must have not met Ishan as he must be in some room with different name. She takes Ishan’s side and fights with him. He says he just needs Baba and she should help him reach Baba. She asks not to meet him again and walks away. He silently drops transmitter in her bag. She checks into hotel and walks towards Ishan’s room and rings bell. Sana tells Ishan she ordered food. He opens door and is shocked to see Preet.

Precap: Shergill calls Preet and informs that Ishan will mix sleeping pills in her food so that he can finish his mission. Ishan gives her food and she asks him to have it first and he eats.

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